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To become MusclarMarvel


EF Logger
only know what you know and what you don’t know” and “whats true and not true “

Could it be deeper like the plastic?Could it be Hormones in chicken? Could it be the Lotion and perfume women use? Could there be something in the water? maybe no maybe yes

started working out at age 18 always looked up to old era bodybuilding like mike mentzer flex wheeler arnold i decided to bulk i didnt not like the fact i needed to cut and bulk again again just seemed so tedious starting weight was 200 went 220 and could lift up 60lb on dumbell press went up to 75lb the more weight i gain next thing you know i was fat maybe 240lb my metabolism was so slow so eventually i just tried to loose weight and could not.

at age 28 my dick stop working and now i had to do something i went on trt and i got more fat my test levels where 210 when i got blood work. weight went to 270 lb i got scared but test levels where 1200 after trt i felt soo great i was on to something and dick started working lol

I got a coach
put me on clen
and t3
weight 270 dropped to 220

at 220 stared baby tren ace 30 eod
weight 230 did feel some recomp
with 200 test 1.3 on the syringe trt plus plus lol

waited 5 months
started cutting
with t3
and clen
230 back to 220 and currently cutting all the way to 200lb probably by February 10 i will get there
when i get there i should be be at 10% body fat

Lesson learned dont get fat its hard to loose the fat!!!
my goal is to do this cycle because i want to look like mikementzer and inspire people to find the truth and truth is it is really hard to loose weight naturally nothing wrong with that.

the people who can achieve it naturally more props to you and if you do loose weight you loose muscle too i have seen it thats another reason i went on trt didn’t want to loose the muscle i gained while being fat

current weight 219 still cutting
currently bench with dumbells is 105 each hand 🤚

Future cycle Project Muscular Marvel
Weeks 1-6 :

  • Test Sustanon : 125mg EOD
  • Primo : 125mg EOD
  • Anavar : 30mg ED *45 min pre-workout, don't take on OFF days*

Weeks 6-12 :

  • Test Sustanon : 175mg EOD
  • Primo : 200mg EOD
  • NPP : 100mg EOD

Weeks 12-16 :

  • Test Sustanon : 175mg EOD
  • Primo : 200mg EOD
  • NPP : 100mg EOD
  • Anadrol : 50mg ED *45 min pre-workout, don't take on OFF days*

No Ai

*have aromasin and caber on

this cycle will start when i am at 10% percent body fat are there any edits i can do to make this safer meaning not messing up liver scores or is it inevitable or cholesterol’s scores or any recommendations to this cycle can i switch sustanon for test cipionate or test enanthate
or even drop anavar i dont think i need it for pre work out ?

currently taking
liver support 1000 of tudca NAc milk thissle
and baby aspirin every day
cruising just on trt plus plus and 200mg 1.3 on the syringe while cutting down

work out monday-thursday
monday chest and bicep
tuesday back and tricep
wednesday legs lightly and core
i have legs and calves from playing club soccer
thursday what ever i feel is not soar
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