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I’m back back

respect for you dont know you yet i was after you
LOG NOW we big respescting LOGs
welcome back alcatraz! haven't seen you in a while

a shame what happened to nelson montana though. i'm sure you heard the news
I have not heard the news. I talked with Nelson on the phone a LONG time ago, seemed like a cool dude. Drop me a DM and catch me up.
bros welcome back missed you in da house big playa, i got my account limited for smack talk cant DM you
bros you gotta put up a LOG since you back
Still running that mouth I see. Don’t change a thing.
Welcome back! Always nice seeing and old school vet come back and be part of the community again 💪
For those who don’t know, I’m an old timer. Been here longer than most admins, 2005 I believe. I recognize a few dudes here though @dylangemelli , @the_alcatraz (though I’m the OG alcatraz) , @stevesmi ….good to see some familiar faces.

Took an hiatus (from the supplement scene, not working out), over a decade’s worth since my last cycle of anything. Anyway, I’m in my 40s now, married, kids, mortgage, you know the drill.

I spent my youth well I think….did all the sports as a kid and through high school like most people here….played football in college 4 years, was an ACE certified trainer and trained 1st year college football players in the off season for a brief minute, active duty in the military in a combat MOS 4 years, travelled the summers for 3 years with the homies and chased naga tourneys, amateur kickboxing 2 years.

I have never worked out for aesthetics. I have done low dose tbol only cycles all the way up to suspension and drols. I’ve PCT’ed correctly every time and have no regrets (though back to back tren cycles not recommended). 10 years clean I feel healthy, I don’t get sick much if at all, but I can’t bench 400+, squat 500, or clean 385 anymore. I spent the past year running and doing pushups, squat rack and DLs here and there. I don’t do sets of 1-3 anymore or even attempt maxing out. 10-15 mostly, cardio is king. I can run, not as much as my army days but I’m good for 6.5mph for an hour. Pushing that 7mph. I’m good for a 4-500 push-up work out, squatting 275 for 8-10 or so, and finishing the kids chicken nuggets (mostly joking). Sacrificed a lot of strength to get my weight down, it’s been worth it. Diet’s good, 1500-2000 cals/day clean….water intake 1/2 gallon-1 gallon/day, maybe a beer here and there but nothing consistent alcohol wise, no drugs….just protein powder, multi-vitamins, some creatine, BCAAs. 7-8 hours of sleep/night average though it is getting harder to fall asleep…..basic stuff.

What am I looking for? To feel young again even if for a brief moment in time. I’m 6’2”. I dropped from 240ish to 220-225 (depends when I’m weighing in) with a treadmill, pushing the earth, and water/coffee essentially. Getting rid of this “mass” from my college football days and getting to around 200lbs is one of my main goals. Did it the right way, found a local clinic did the bloodwork after a year, 295 ng/dL….super approved for TRT needless to say.

My issue…..Don’t have a single regret doing any cycle I’ve done in the past, and yes TRT looks like the simplest path, but I really prefer not to stick (or slab my balls every night) if possible. I made the personal decision not to use AAS a while, I’d like to try to stick with it if possible.

Extremely curious about SARMs. Still reading and doing my homework, but some of you older goats gimme a holler.

I’ll try to get some pics posted up later and give everyone an update. As always,


whats up bro! good to see you and hear from you again! i hope everything is going well for you!

you can reach out anytime... i can definitely help you set up the proper sarms stack or any other help you need or just to shoot the shit... send me a pm anytime! its been a long time!
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