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    What do I need on trt?

    I’m looking for the best Supplement stack that I can do while I’m on trt. I’m doing 150 mg a week of testosterone and my doctor also has me on human growth hormone 1.5 IU’s per day. I said, if I’m not happy with the results, we can always raise it higher. But I want to keep things where there...
  2. V

    best weight gainer for huge guy

    I'm looking for the best weight gainer for a guy who is around 260 pounds and 6’1’’ Would like to push over 300 lb with the use of supplements the thing is I would like to put on pure muscle and I don't want to put it on a body fat. a friend of mine he ate a bunch of ice cream and put on like 20...
  3. C

    How can i buy n2guard cheap?

    this stuff is not cheap at all I was wondering if there was a supplement that I can get that was similar much more cheap or if you guys had a discount code that I could use because I cannot afford to buy it at this price another option is I could buy a bottle and then just run half the dosage a...
  4. E

    Any experience with trest + anadrol?

  5. F

    Which supplements to take for longevity?

    I'm looking to get some longevity spent most of my twenties partying a lot of hard drugs and alcohol I know it took a toll on me because I have a lot of wrinkles now that I'm in my 40s looking to reverse that with a supplement combined with proper diet and exercise is there a supplement that you...
  6. A

    Waking up at night to pee, supps to help?

    I keep waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and then I can't go back to sleep. is there a supplement that I can take before bed that can help keep me sleeping but also won't let me pee in the bed lol when I used to smoke marijuana it used to make me do that so I don't want...
  7. M

    Minimum fenugreek dosage?

    I think I read somewhere that you're supposed to use a minimum of 1,000 to 1500 mg a day of fenugreek but I'm looking at a lot of supplements that have formulas and I only see 500 mg max. is it because those formulas are just cheap or is it because you really don't need as much as I've been...
  8. A

    Wife no longer turns me on

    I’m sure many of you on here who are married have gone through a rough patch Currently my wife and I aren’t really getting along well in the bedroom She just doesn’t turn me on like she used to. I think i am getting bored Is there a supplement that i can take to make me maybe more horny where i...
  9. C

    What helps with cardio?

    I'm looking for supplements not to give me energy to go do cardio but for supplements that will actually boost my endurance because when I go do cardio I have a really hard time breathing and I tend to be asthmatic. maybe I need something to open the airway?
  10. C

    Less wrinkles help

    I'm looking to take a supplement that can help with wrinkles my mother and father both have a lot of wrinkles especially on their forehead and it makes them look a lot older than they are. I don't want to end up like that and want to start doing it soon. What supplements can I start taking now?
  11. G

    Supplements that have low stimulants

    I'm looking for a supplement or a pre-workout that I can take that is low and stimulants and that won't make me all wired up and hyped up also something that doesn't have any sugar in it. Are there any Brands like that seems like they all are full of crap
  12. T

    more erections and libido

    looking for a newer supplement to try out for libido increase also would like stronger erections I’m in my 50’s and have a lot of room to improve this area
  13. R

    Getting rid of worms

    I am very skinny and i think i have worms in my stomach When i eat, they steal away the food so it prevents me from gaining weight Is there a supplement that will help get rid of these worms?
  14. F

    Morning and night supplement stack

    Check this one out. Its called morning and night supplement by lumity It's supposed to be good for anti-aging and also for more energy contains a lot of different ingredients including flaxseed oil coconut fat and other amino acids do you think it's worth $100?
  15. C

    Ancient strength vs. 3d Multi

    let's say I wanted to take a supplement to help my overall health would you recommend taking ancient strength or would you recommend taking 3 the multi both of them are pretty cheap and both of them are sold on here
  16. W

    Bulking supplements truth

    I'm currently only 150 lb and I'm over 6 ft tall it's pretty embarrassing being skinny but it's not my fault I just have a very fast metabolism. I'm in my early twenties and I'm searching for a supplement that can help me bulk up when I work out. Can you give me some suggestions
  17. G

    Increase in protein supplements

    I'm looking to get a supplement that can help me increase protein in my body my protein intake is currently 150 to 200 grams per day I would like to increase it to 250 would supplement would you recommend for me in the situation?
  18. F

    stronger recovery

    I'm looking to take something that has stronger recovery after a hard workout when I ran my last supplement stack I feel like my recovery did not get help at all this time I want to run something that is more fluid and that will help me sleep better at night to
  19. E

    How to get back energy lost

    When i workout i lose all my energy Then i have to go to work and i am dead tired all day and cannot function How do i train without losing that. There has to be a good supplement i can take that will help me
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    Elbow bent back

    I had a bad fall where I was hanging up a satellite dish and the ladder collapsed and I ended up getting pins underneath it in my arm and elbow got bent awkwardly I was wondering what was the best supplement that can help speed up the healing process because I can't even do curls anymore
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