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    pro bodybuilder supplements

    I’m looking to use the supplements that professional bodybuilders run I would like to be like them one day I’m currently in my early 20s and my plan and my career goal is to be a professional bodybuilder what would be the best supplement to use that I could do it ??
  2. K

    using high dose of creatine?

    I ordered a big tub of creatine I got a really good discount on it at the bin at the supplement store the guy there said it was a really good product but they were discontinuing it so it was discounted by 50% I’m looking to go through this stuff and see what it’s capable of giving me. What would...
  3. R

    costco supplement advice

    I’ve got membership now to Costco and they have some really good discounts and Deals on their products not quite sure about their supplement line but I’ve heard some good things about it and that it is pretty affordable what would you recommend I use that I can buy and try out for better results...
  4. N

    best supplements to take during workout?

    What are the best supplements that I can take during my workout for best results? I’m looking to get more energy during my workout and help feed my muscles while I train a friend of mine suggested protein powder but after I tried that strategy it made me sick and nauseous maybe I need something...
  5. V

    $100 a month supplement budget

    I’ve got a 100 dollar a month supplement budget that my wife approved of. I tried spending $300 one time on supplements and she called a credit card company and made me return everything LOL we settled for just a hundred dollars so can you give me a supplement or supplements plural that I can...
  6. A

    blackstone labs legit or no?

    Was looking at Blackstone labs they have a lot of different supplements all over the place for sale. Seems like they reach a lot of resellers and have their products with a lot of reviews also but I don’t really trust supplement companies I think that most of them are bogus. What do you think...
  7. B

    best supplements for 21 year old?

    My younger brother just got into bodybuilding he got motivated by watching some Rich Piana videos LOL Anyway he wants to start using supplements but I told him that most supplements are no good he’s looking for something to maybe give him a little bit of a bump during his workouts I want to keep...
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    supplements for bad shoulder

    I’ve been experiencing some bad shoulder injuries over the past few weeks sore shoulders and especially when I do a lot of stretching post-workout it really aggravates me I was wondering if you had any advice for supplements that can help with a bad shoulder
  9. W

    mosquito bite scarring

    so on getting a lot of mosquito bites after moving to a swampy part of my town the neighbor say that the area has a lot of mosquitoes and they said that I should not go outside in the dark without clothes covering myself from head to toe. The problem is I like to set out on the porch and enjoy...
  10. G

    my energy is poor again

    I had a good run for a couple months when it came to my energy but I feel like it’s really gotten poor again. I’m looking for a supplement that can help give me a boost maybe a stimulant boost I’m not really sure. The problem started when I started eating out again eating fast food but my days...
  11. S

    n2guard vs. other supplements. No comparison!

    So I did a 12 week cycle of steroids. Ran a pretty harsh stack which included equipoise and tren plus more. I know that it took a beating on my organ health and I was prepared for that. I got blood work done before and after using n2guard and other supplements. The other supplements I used...
  12. Q

    gorilla dream nootropic thoughts

    I’m interested in trying something that can help with sleep and Recovery. this is a product that’s supposed to help you get really deep sleep and wake up refreshed. it’s got things like valerian root and other things in it. has anyone tried this stuff before and do you think it’s worth the $40?
  13. V

    closest thing to hcg?

    I’m looking for something similar to hcg in supplement form used to get hcg from a clinic but they started to charge too much and they moved to another part of town and I don’t drive. So not worth it anymore I was thinking of just ordering a supplement online that can do the same thing that it...
  14. R

    do you really supplement with collagen?

    Been reading about how collagen is a secret ingredient to helping with injuries and preventing injuries as well I was wondering how many of you actually supplement with collagen I’ve been seeing this pop up on display shelves at vitamin shops and health food stores lately but I’m not sure if it...
  15. W

    any supplements for cancer?

    I was wondering about what you thought about supplements that help with cancer I do not have a problem with cancer at all but it’s something that’s always a worry of mine because it runs in my family lots of different cancer with supplements can actually help fight cancer?
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    I’ve got an issue with liver

    I went and got my blood work done and most everything was good except my liver numbers were off my AST numbers were above normal in my ALT numbers were almost above normal I need a supplement that is going to be good for my liver that can help get those numbers down
  17. G

    back acne is killing me

    really embarrassing I just had sex with this beautiful woman and she made a comment about my back acne I really need to get rid of this it’s making me very self-conscious is there a supplement that you recommend that can help heal acne and not using a cream
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    What do I need on trt?

    I’m looking for the best Supplement stack that I can do while I’m on trt. I’m doing 150 mg a week of testosterone and my doctor also has me on human growth hormone 1.5 IU’s per day. I said, if I’m not happy with the results, we can always raise it higher. But I want to keep things where there...
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    best weight gainer for huge guy

    I'm looking for the best weight gainer for a guy who is around 260 pounds and 6’1’’ Would like to push over 300 lb with the use of supplements the thing is I would like to put on pure muscle and I don't want to put it on a body fat. a friend of mine he ate a bunch of ice cream and put on like 20...
  20. C

    How can i buy n2guard cheap?

    this stuff is not cheap at all I was wondering if there was a supplement that I can get that was similar much more cheap or if you guys had a discount code that I could use because I cannot afford to buy it at this price another option is I could buy a bottle and then just run half the dosage a...
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