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Aumeto Tudca - Liver Support Supplement Review


This supplement seems to have all the right ingredients to help with liver support. As I get older, I am more conscientious on what supplements to take and what works. I researched all of the ingredients before obtaining this supplement. It was interesting reading up on all the ingredients and all helped with the liver and some had other beneficial uses.

The one ingredient that was concerning to me was L-Arginine. While it may be beneficial for possible lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol, the studies are mixed and since our bodies naturally produce L-Arginine and you get it from many foods, it may be necessary as a supplement. On the more negative side, it is not recommended if you have had a heart attack and may worsen allergies and asthma according to some studies. However the miligrams is low and further research told me that L-Arginine helps in liver detoxification and may benefit in the treatment of liver disorders such as liver cirrhosis and fatty liver. So I now understand why it is in the mix.

I have not taken it long enough to give the best review but I will update my review in the future if I have additional comments. For now, after reading some important things about the liver and detoxification, I am really impressed with the ingredients and believe it will be very beneficial.
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