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Hey guys,
When I tried on these grey contacts, it was wierd.. it's like it's fine on the front, but my blind spot was blurry.. I felt like the outer edges of the contacts were blurry.. SO I went to see the doctor today and told her about it, but all she told me was that the blurriness I see is actually the color of the contacts and that my pupils were just too big for the contacts.
She said most people do fine with it and that I just have to get used to it :rolleyes: .... Now I'm wondering, for you guys who wear colored contacts, do you guys experience the same thing? Is that actually normal? :verygood:

Or when you went for an eye check up for colored contacts, did the doctor have to measure the size of your eyes? :mix:
For real, I really feel like my doctor doesn't know how to do her job right and that she was actually supposed to measure my eyes so she'd recommend the brand of contacts that would fit my pupil right :worried:
i use the regular ones.

i actually strayed a little bit from the script. i ordered mine online because it was a lot cheaper than getting them in the store. eye doc was pushing the Acuvue 2, but B&L were a LOT cheaper. so instead of a base curve of 8.3 (Acuvue) i had to get an 8.4 Base curve lens (B&L). havn't had a single problem though. vision is fine and the contacts fit no prob. not sure what the base curve is though... is probably the cheapest place online to order. paid less than $40 for 6 pairs of monthlies, which will probably actually last me a year.
what your dr told you was true, colored contacts have a smaller field of vision because the only part where there is actual correction is right over the pupil, if your pupils are too big and the color overlaps them, then that part of your vision will be blurry, which is the case for most people, there is no pupil measurements that take place when fitting contacts, only keratometer measurements to find the base curve that best fits your eyes, most people fit in the 8.3 range although they do go up to a 9.1, as far as i know there is only one size pupil hole for colored contacts and i assume it is somewhere around 4 mm which is the average size pupil
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