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My girl on anavar

we know she's your girl and your protective but if she wants the best results she needs to log her journey so that we can guide her
get her pictures up
get her training up
get her diet up
and get up exactly what she's taking including supplements
it's possible she could be dealing with things like hot flashes and acne and that sort of thing on their own
I put up a couple logs and my girlfriend is going to put up a log soon too
I'm sure the gear is fine
make sure you get her log going we need to see more about her
They have an at home Roidtest kit and I recommend it for every pack a female takes from unless you are actually getting it through a prescription and pharmacy. I've seen once good companies fall as they start stretching for more profits.

An initial boost sometimes occurs more based on mood and intensity in gym, so I wouldn't worry about the big jump at the beginning to much. The human mind has an amazing amount of control over how much weight a person can lift on a given day. From my experience this is more pronounced in women. My wife can push 150 lb bench one week and then the next she struggles at 135, but I can tell her mind isn't 100% with her in the gym on those days.

You mention she is on a 1300 calorie diet, but then also mention she didn't eat anything the day before? Your diet has to be consistent if you want consistent results, especially while on gear.

Anavar generally causes my wife to gain a little water weight, while Primo seems to reduce it. Anavar seems to give better strength gains though than Primo does, so she has to ask what she is looking for in each cycle.
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