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Approved Log UGFreak ParaPharma Log - Testosterone Cypionate and Primobolan

The whole filming thing is overdone. Too many taking crap pics for logs vs just asking a gym buddy against filming the whole thing and doing f'all lol
Ok that one hit me in the feels 😂 guilty of solo gym photos of myself for my log lol, the filming thing is just weird I will never understand it, doing that would kill my workout and being in the zone setting up a camera each time etc .
I'm going to guess that a big help was Primo on this

Primo does have anti estrogen properties
Yeah it does and maybe I just needed to run it higher than 1:1 the beauty of experimenting and finding what works is key, within reason
nice one on this buddy what are your plans for this weekend
Other than work, we will be hitting the gym hard as always and meal prepping in-between that, besides those things don't have much planned brother.
Friday September 29 2023

today is injection day loading went smooth and injection went even smoother.

100mg test 200mg of primo

total amount for the week combined compounds 225mg test 400mg of primo
Overall total 625mg combined

Went into the right side delt as monday I utilized the left side delt.
About to mix my non stimulate pre workout get in the car and make my way into the gym.

Will update later after my workout, I got my meals prepared last night for today so we are right on track for today.

Topps 💪
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