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tren recomp stack without any DHT’s

i wouldn't approach steroid use with your hands tied like this
just use and keep the cycles short
forget ANY steroid to stack with it.. s23 is going to be superior anyway and so that along with acp105 and/or ac262 would stack extremely well...
so I want to use tren without adding any DHT’s to my stack. That means do not recommend winstrol, primo, masteron, anavar or proviron even. I hate DHT’s and they always destroy my hairline and they cause me a lot of acne and prostate issues.
What steroid would you stack with tren for recomping that is NOT a dht?
I’m currently 28 years old and I’ve been using steroids for the last 6 years and I am 218 pounds and six foot two
Gotta run test imo
Why not just run tren on it's own or just add a little test? Tren is going to cause some hair line issues though, just so you know. Not adding a DHT really isn't going to save your hair here.
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