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Tren for an average joe

Is Tren really needed for your goals. Don't get me wrong, I love Tren. After using it though some of the other stuff is like, Meh! Tren will fuck with your mind and have an effect on your relationships. Tren can also have some serious side affects and if you are not used to dealing with minor side effects from other compounds you won't have any idea of how to deal with tren sides. I have 6 pillows that I cycle through weekly cause they need time to dry out from the night sweats. We also change sheets almost every other day at least. What are you going to do if you start lactating? Can you control your temper, cause on tren it can be 10X harder to do? I've seen good husbands and fathers end up in jail on abuse charges cause of Tren. Now they got no wife and well they have to be supervised with their children cause they are a danger to them.

For me, I told my wife I was going on it and I put her in charge of the injections. I let her know what could happen and told her if it did pour the tren down the toilet. Now it hasn't happened to me yet, but I have finally just worked up to 350 mg a week this cycle. My wife knows to back me down now if she starts seeing behavior she doesn't like. Now I will say she has been thoroughly thrilled with some of the side effects like me wanting to screw her brains out almost constantly, but not all women are ready to deal with that level of activity and I think for a lot of guys that is when the rage starts to build. I could not see doing it without being married or at the least a live in long term girlfriend that is ready and willing to fully support you.
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