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how about this recomp stack?

I’m looking to do a nice recomp stack
5th cycle thereabouts and I’m currently 205 pounds and 5’11’’
29 years old
the steroids I would like to run:
deca or NPP 300mgs a week 12 weeks
test Prop 500mgs a week 14 weeks
Proviron 100mgs a day 6 weeks
Winstrol 10 weeks (not sure on dose)
what do you think ?
npp at 300mg winstrol last 6 weeks only at 50mg ed. Domnt run winny 10 weeks you kill your liver. back test off to 300mg with it being prop and 50mg proviron plenty a day. you using way too much gear its a waste of time money and damage to your body.
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