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Three College Students Die During Truck Driving Class When Struck By Train

MattTheSkywalker said:
bainbridge is SW GA, right off of state rte 27. I used to go through it all the time on my way from Ft Benning to Tallahassee. (FSU)

I was created at Martin Army Hospital.
Smurfy said:
awesome town.

that was the joke I was trying to make.

GA also has a town called Cumming. Those rednecks are funny that way.
MattTheSkywalker said:
that was the joke I was trying to make.

GA also has a town called Cumming. Those rednecks are funny that way.

and a town called Climax.
Dial_tone said:
and a town called Climax.

read the original post buttnozzler.
but let's not forget:

Alley, GA
Arabi, GA
Arabic, GA
Araby, GA
Barney, GA
Beach, GA
Benevolence, GA
Between, GA
Bogart, GA
Boneville, GA
Box Springs, GA
BraSwell, GA
Butts, GA
Cairo, GA
Climax, GA
Cumming, GA
Daisy, GA
Dasher, GA
Doctortown, GA
Doetown, GA
Dyas, GA
Edith, GA
Egypt, GA
Enigma, GA
Experiment, GA
Faceville, GA
Flippen, GA
Gay, GA
Gratis, GA
Haddock, GA
Hentown, GA
Hephzibah, GA
Herod, GA
Homerville, GA
Hopeful, GA
Hopeulikit, GA
Horns, GA
Hortense, GA
Ideal, GA
Jinks, GA
Lax, GA
Lofthair, GA
Long Cane, GA
Lula, GA
Magnet, GA
Mayday, GA
Meansville, GA
Modge, GA
Moniac, GA
Montezuma, GA
Move, GA
Mystic, GA
Needham, GA
Needmore, GA
New Georgia, GA
Odum, GA
Ohoopee, GA
Pabst, GA
Parrott, GA
Philomath, GA
Po Biddy Crossroads, GA
Quitman, GA
Rackettown, GA
Radium Springs, GA
Relee, GA
Retreat, GA
Riddleville, GA
Sale City, GA
Santa Claus, GA
Scotland, GA
Sigsbee, GA
Snap Finger, GA
Snipesville, GA
Social Circle, GA
Sparks, GA
Stillmore, GA
Stillson, GA
Talking ROck, GA
The Rock, GA
Thrift, GA
Ty Ty, GA
Tyus, GA
MattTheSkywalker said:
read the original post buttnozzler.

what do you expect? I only got a 930 SAT. :)
LOL at DT.

I've been to about 30% of those.

Quitman is my favorite; it;s this little shit town in SW GA. The town was named because when you see how shitty it is, you just wanna Quit, Man.
,08-31-2004 2:20 PM

(Decatur County, GA) -- Three students at Bainbridge College were killed yesterday during a class teaching truck-driving when their 18-wheeler was slammed by a fast-moving train. The impact drove the cab of the truck over 700 feet before it could stop. Decatur County Chief Deputy Jim Morris says witnesses say the truck stopped before the railroad crossing, then lunged forward onto the tracks as the train raced into it. The train caught fire in the collision but there were no injuries to the crew. The names of the students have not been identified pending family notification. The accident happened nine miles west of the Bainbridge College campus in the town of Climax.

That instructor was my mom, Laura Jenson. She was only 38 years young at this time and had the type of fairytale passion for both driving a truck and instructing that most people can only dream to obtain about their occupation. Her dedication to provide all she encountered with a complete knowledge of the duties and demands of the job, the ups and downs in the industry and an unwavering commitment to ensure no driver that left her would be an unsafe, missile, so to speak, was surpassed only in her dedication and love for her family.. my god did she love my brother and sister and myself, we were 9,12 and 16 at the time. Trucking wasnt just part of her life, it was her life and she lived for it, and she was a very through instructor, ( almost annoying to my then 15 -16yr old self when I obtained my learners then later license :) ) Nearly 20 years later and this day will forever be engrained in my mind.
They were doing their last set of pre road test practice, in other words they were supposed to go the next day to take the cdl exam. it happened at sr262 and highway 84 in Climax, only a few miles east of Bainbridge and about 2 miles from our home. While this information seems very respectful, it does have some incorrect information or rather wording that could be arranged differently . As a student made the left turn off hwy 84 onto 262, he came to a stop at the crossing( at the time had only a stop sign, no crossing bars), and then almost instantly the truck lunged a good 12-15 ft directly into the path of the speeding , heavily loaded freight train.
My mother had just filled up the diesel tanks earlier so into those moments following impact, when my mother turned and looked in to the eyes of the conductor just as impact was made, there was no time for any corrective measures in that moment that could have been done by ANYONE that could have spared her life, as she died on impact; nor the lives of the driver, nor the 2 students that were seated in the bus seat in the cab. Its unknown whether the ignition of the diesel tanks was initiated by impact to the tanks o from the sparks that arose from the tractor being dragged or if from the frantic attempts of the conductor to slow and stop the train and that was now dragging tractor and trailer at 60+ mps with the train like a hood ornament down the track, bouncing off trees and anything else in its path obliterating both cab and trailer .someone said they heard terrifying, frantic screams coming from inside the cab, but personally, I find this highly unlikely. Just the noise alone from the impact would have been deafening. Combined with the screeching of the brakes and then the sound emitted from the rapid burning of the fuel, It would have been very very difficult to hear anything coming from inside the cab at the accident site; and nearly impossible to do such as the person claimed. who was at the store.. I'm not sure of the exact footage it took to get the train to come to a complete stop, but was finally stopped just before the next, busy cross section that it was approaching.
The Conductor, injured from falling when tractor and train collided, was also fighting flames in his own cab. This man, who had been thrown all over the cab of the train, leading to cracked and fractures in his ribs, wrists and hands, also was covered in 3rd degree burns and still frantically tried to get in to save my mother and her students, but the fire was too hot and too dangerous and he was forced to retreat from the now fully engulfed wreckage that was dangerously roaring, past the point of safe entry.
The conductor and his assistant walked away with a few cracked ribs, some bruises and some pretty serious burns. A few years later, working at a fleet fueling station, I was told by a coworker of his, that He says "my mother turned and looked him dead in the eye just before impact and her green eyes still haunt him." Although he has no fault in this and should never feel as if he was to blame, I am told he does an no longer is a conductor but still works for the rail company. I hope he knows that he wasn't responsible and holds no self blame nor remorse. I hope he has fully recovered and thank him for caring enough about them to have attempted to retrieve them.
All four in the tractor, my mother and her three students perished at the scene. To this day we can only speculate as to what actually happened, but no determination from the investigation unit or any other entity has made an official determination. Based on the transmission position and the description of how the truck sprung out, my siblings and i believe he stalled the truck out. There was no "instructor brake" on her side and honestly both my parents were truckers, and i have been involved with several CDL instruction courses, and even owned a 24 hr roadside assistance service for diesel engines( Big Trucks) with my first husband, and i have never even heard of a tractor trailer possessing such, It almost seems as if that would be even more dangerous and two people applying differential speed or slamming on breaks could cause a inertia issue, tandem breaks due to uneven load distributions or shifts in weight/ balance or pull, causing truck to slide out or flip over.. I pray all the families have found peace and god bless all
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