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Confessions of a Car Salesman (good read)

decem said:

cuz he really didn't... or can't anyway.. blame mgmt.. cuz they're doing what they're told to do as well..

Is`nt that what was said about soldiers in past wars?
gonelifting said:

Is`nt that what was said about soldiers in past wars?

not sure to what exact instance you're referring.. but with the military.. it'd just as true.. even moreso actually, as living under the govt that we do today, should they not carry out the orders of the president and their superiors they faced much harsher penalties than do car salesmen trying to make a buck.. that.. and the dumbasses going into the dealership and biting on this shit (the customers that is).. have free will as well... as opposed to any enemy soldier of yesteryear, as they were just as inclined, under said penalties, to carry out the will of their superiors..

i think i may have drank too much
I read it half way then keeled over and and went unconcious.

Fuck it, im taking the bus from now on
I've seen a couple of guys say "I'll never buy a car again"

Just never buy a NEW car again! Used from a private party is the way to go!
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