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Three College Students Die During Truck Driving Class When Struck By Train


08-31-2004 2:20 PM

(Decatur County, GA) -- Three students at Bainbridge College were killed yesterday during a class teaching truck-driving when their 18-wheeler was slammed by a fast-moving train. The impact drove the cab of the truck over 700 feet before it could stop. Decatur County Chief Deputy Jim Morris says witnesses say the truck stopped before the railroad crossing, then lunged forward onto the tracks as the train raced into it. The train caught fire in the collision but there were no injuries to the crew. The names of the students have not been identified pending family notification. The accident happened nine miles west of the Bainbridge College campus in the town of Climax.
what town was that again?
Sounds like someone accidently dumped the clutch while in gear....


That is awefull....
MattTheSkywalker said:
what town was that again?

probably Bainbridge, clue where that is though, definitely South GA.
Dial_tone said:
probably Bainbridge, clue where that is though, definitely South GA.

bainbridge is SW GA, right off of state rte 27. I used to go through it all the time on my way from Ft Benning to Tallahassee. (FSU)
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