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  • Thanks mommalu! We had such a great time. It still seems like yesterday. I hope to forever hold those memories!!
    Help Help Help. Ive bin dying to lose weight for ages now. I am used to being slim but the last year i have put on about a stone. Im trying desperatley to get rid of this weight i go gym 4 times a week i do tend to eat a lot of junk though but i cant help it!! My Boyfried has told me about Clen Hydrocloride which i have been using now for over 3 weeks and have not lost one pound yet!! I dont understand this. Am i taking it wrong? Is there anything on the market that anyone can recommend mend i really want to lose a stone and tone up as fast as possibe. Im hoping someone could lead me in the right direction as it semms like a lot of you know what you are talking about.
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