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  • Hi there mate, I saw an old posts of yours and it intrigued me. What is your opinion about using insulin *only* post workout at low dose 2-3 IU's to purely aid recovery (and avoid any unnecessary fat accumulation)?
    hey man,

    im gonna be on my bro's prfoile now. hes a platinum member.

    il contact u on that.

    thanks again for all the help
    Thanks for the karma Tom. Also really appreciate the good advice that you provide!
    You're welcome, thanks for the K. Let me know if you would, how them low doses of eq and test work for you. I'm a little curious
    Yo Judo I'm lookin for some advice. You responded to my thread about Test only cycles. I am wanting to start mine on the 18th. I will be running test cyp 500mg/wk for 10 weeks. I have HCGen and Forma in hand. I just ordered some Letro just to have incase of any gyno sides. Is there anything else you think i may need for this cycle for a first timer? I dont have any way of getting HCG to run with this so do you think with everything i have i should be ok? I was going to get unleashed and post cylce for my PCT from needtobuildmuscle. Please advise. I appreciate your help
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