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semaglutide help and advice

Does the Sodium based Semaglutide work and if it does is the dosing the same?
Didn't know there was such a thing. My wife and I are using the stuff you get from Umbrella Labs. Its a miracle drug IMO. It melts away and targets the visceral fat. My stomach has shrunk by a massive margin since using. My wife isn't having as good of results since she didnt have the same amount of fat and her blood glucose wasn't as bad as mine. My blood glucose pre semaglutide was 128. Last week my bloodwork came back and blood glucose was 91. This was after 8 weeks and at a dose of .5mg. This week we bumped the dose to 1mg and will most likely stay at that dose until next fall when I start a bulking cycle for extreme muscle gain with Test/EQ/Tren/GH/Insulin. I am expecting to put on about 50lbs on that 20 week bulk. Will do Tren for half the cycle and switch out with deca the other half.
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need some advice when it comes to using semaglutide
heard this stuff is really good for fat loss
I’m 265 pounds and have not been leaner then 250 in my adult life
always been a big dude and played football in high school
how would you run semaglutide and how does it differ from using ozempic?
ozempic is semaglutide, there is no difference except that ozempic is sold in prepared pens and with precise doses dispenser
I would focus on diet first and exhaust that before you consider adding drugs to the mix. Post up an example of what you are eating and your training.
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