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    Heavy body fat and steroid use

    so I'm looking to run anabolic steroids but the thing is when I got my test done at home on my body fat stepping on the scale it showed up that I was 20% body fat. not sure if that's accurate or not basically I am 180 lb and I've lost about 50 lb over the past year. I'm 26 years old and I am 6...
  2. K

    Best fat burning stack

    I'm very motivated to get myself into great shape and burn body fat I'm using oxypro elite as a preworkout Its been 2 weeks on and it feels like i am getting hit by a truck. Feels worse than being on clen what are some other thermogenic pre-workout or caffeine supplements that you can recommend...
  3. L

    Losing weight as a female

    I’m around 5’4’’ and weigh 155 pounds Would love to lose some extra post baby fat Finding it really hard would like to take some steroids to change my hormones to get me there Reading about clenbuterol and anavar as the top choices for females How would you stack these two?
  4. J

    S4, lgd and rad140 for size and strength

    Skinny fat physique 28 years old 5’9’’ 170 pounds I’m looking to stack s4/andarine, rad140, and lgd4033 all together the way I want to do this is pretty simple I'm going to do 25 mg of the rad 140 and lgd then I'm going to stack another 50 mg a day of the S4 This will be a 12 week run and then...
  5. C

    Which sarms solo and which stacked?

    I’m new to sarms and looking to build a lot of muscle mass with low side effects. Maybe for a first cycle I will run them by themselves and then start stacking them as I go I would like to hear some opinions on which sarms work best solo and which sarms work best when stacked I'm currently 42...
  6. V

    Planning my next sarms cutter

    I am 7 weeks removed from my rad 140 and lgd 4033 cycle that I did. I ran that for about 8 weeks and I got some decent results I put on about 6 lb this time I would like to cut down I'm 5 ft 8 in and I weigh around 195 lb with about 20% body fat and I am 27 years old I'm looking to get as lean...
  7. J

    2 grams of gear per week?

    26 years old 218 lb 18% body fat I have done about three or four steroid cycles so far I'm looking to do something more aggressive and do two grams per week A lot of my friends are already doing it my plan is a thousand milligrams of testosterone and a thousand milligrams of trenbolone together...
  8. W

    Is it okay to use steroids with TRT?

    52 years old 6’1’’ 180 pounds 14% body fat I'm already taking supplements with my testosterone replacement therapy. I'm using creatine and I'm using tonkat ali but would it be okay to add in additional steroids as well? I would like to bulk up to 200 plus pounds someone told me to just add more...
  9. E

    Adding stimulants and sarms to fat burner routine

    I'm looking to mix in some stimulants and perhaps sarms to my fat burning routine that I am planning it's going to be an hour they have cardio everyday. that will be how I start my mornings off and it will be fasted I'm 5 ft 8 in and I weigh 135 lb. I would like to cut down 5 to 10 lb as a...
  10. U

    How much is a sarms stack?

    32 years old 5 ft 11 in 211 lb 22% body fat I'm looking to do some sarms but I want to fit them in my budget if possible The 2 sarms i’m looking for are lgd4033 and rad140 Both are sarms right? I also want to save money so i will be using 5mgs of each per day Do you think I can keep the cycle...
  11. C

    Shredded steel thermogenic fat burner

    Was reading about shredded Steel which is by Steel fit they have some pretty good supplements. this one is $50 and it's supposed to be really good for fat burning and also weight loss I was wondering what you guys thought about this for suppressing appetite I'm currently in need of something...
  12. J

    Multi vitamins and losing weight

    I'm looking for a multivitamin which I can take that can help me lose weight and also something that will benefit me health-wise I'm also looking for something that can help me lose weight along with it. if you can maybe tell me their supplement out there that both burns fat and has good stuff...
  13. S

    High body fat sarms

    I’m a guy with high body fat I’m hoping you can give me some tips on how to use sarms to help with this I’m 27% body fat according to my trainer 47 years old and I am around 5 ft 7 in tall I recently switched from a IIFYM diet to a more standard healthy diet with the help of my trainer but he...
  14. V

    Desperate to lean out

    Please help I am desperate to lose some body fat. What can you suggest i take with sarms? I’m 330 pounds and 5’11’’. Built like a mac truck but heavy. Maybe 35% body fat or less I heard i can take s23 and GW and lose a lot of fat. Is this true?
  15. K

    Best protein flavor

    I'm looking for the best protein powder flavors that you recommend I’m looking to get something like mint chocolate chip. That is one of my favorites I’m currently in rough shape, need to lose some fat
  16. K

    Which supps are ripoffs?

    when I'm in the store and I am shopping for supplements how do I know which supplements are a rip-off and how do I know which ones are going to actually help me build muscle and lose fat when I am training in the gym
  17. V

    Solo run of GW ?

    has anyone tried just doing a solo run of GW cardarine? If so would 16 weeks and 20mgs a day be a good run? My goals are simple; fat loss and endurance I'm currently 5 ft 10 in around 216 lb and my body fat is in the mid-20s
  18. X

    Nutrobal mk and rad140

    I’m interested in bulking for real Currently 6’2’’ 180 pounds and around 12% body fat Do you think i should start by using nutrobal for 4 weeks then switch to RAD/? Or should i start them both together?
  19. F

    Fat boy needs to lose weight

    I’m a bigger dude, who is probably fat to you I’m 290 pounds and 5’10’’ . body fat is probably in the 30’s or 40’s I need sarms to lose weight. Can i use GW 100mgs a day?
  20. Z

    Steroid cycle and post below

    Hello my friends, glad to be with you again My cycle as follows: Primobolan 400mgs a week Test Cyp 200mgs a week Anavar 50mgs a day Its an expensive cycle but i am excited to use it Looking for lean muscle mass and also body fat loss. 5 ft 10 in + 207 lb with 14% body fat in 42 years old