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  1. T

    trying sarms for first time ever

    I’m in my early 20’s. Looking to try sarms. Stats are 5’9’’ and 180 pounds and 13% body fat been training off and on since I was in my mid teens. Looking to get more strength and size GW, S4, Yk11 have peaked my interest based on what I read about them GW 20mgs, S4 50mgs and yk11 10mgs has been...
  2. K

    how to cut down on sarms

    I’m looking to make some changes to my physique which is why I am searching for sarms looking at doing GW for sure. But what else would work well? I’m 5’10’’ 218 pounds and 17% body fat I have good muscle mass but need to trim up from here. Any advice for me?
  3. R

    bigger dude steroid stack

    I’m a bigger dude and want to try steroids for the first time my stats are 6’2’’ 270 pounds. Body fat is around 20% seen a lot of my friends use them who were fatter then me which steroids would be safe for me to use at my size?
  4. L

    semaglutide help and advice

    need some advice when it comes to using semaglutide heard this stuff is really good for fat loss I’m 265 pounds and have not been leaner then 250 in my adult life always been a big dude and played football in high school how would you run semaglutide and how does it differ from using ozempic?
  5. K

    how to use lgd and GW

    I’m looking to stack some lgd and gw together lean gains and fat loss is my goal I’m training four times a week weight training and also I do some hiking on the weekends and some bicycling 190 pounds and five foot ten inches only question I have is what kind of dosages should I be doing
  6. F

    ostarine variations

    I’m a bit frustrated with the different variations of cycles that are recommended with ostarine I’ve seen anywhere from eight weeks up to 12 weeks and anywhere from 10 mg up to 50 milligrams and don’t get me started on PCT. Seems like some people say you need it and some people say you don’t I’m...
  7. JimAbs43

    Podcast 576 - Tesamorelin localized fat loss? 576 - Tesamorelin localized fat loss?
  8. X

    just want to look good! Sarms help please

    I’m hoping I can get some sarms help please give me the best options considering I look like crap right now 280 pounds, fat and out of shape can’t even run around my block without getting winded and throwing up its BAD guys lol I’m 24 years old. Not sure what happened. I was in good shape as a...
  9. J

    top 5 worst foods for us?

    What are the top five worst foods that we can be putting in our body if we want a body build my main objective over the next year is going to be the build good quality lean muscle mass while also dropping body fat just curious for everybody’s list of the worst foods for us
  10. Q

    my friend said to try sarms

    I’m 41 years old 5 ft 11 in 195 lbs and 17 percent body fat my friend said I had a good body and good potential but he recommended that I get on sarm to take things to the next level my main objective is more muscle less fat and better recovery he suggested I try s23, s4 and gw together he...
  11. C

    GW 5 mgs a day only

    a friend of mine said he did five milligrams of g.w. for one straight year and he said that it really helped him with his endurance and body fat not sure what kind of Health ramifications he had to deal with or anything like that I’m currently 260 pounds and I am 5 foot 10 inches. Been trying to...
  12. K

    Best way to get into shape with supps

    What are the supplements to get me into great shape? I’m searching for several different products including ones that i can buy online or in person I have a vitamin store walking distance from my place. My main objective is fat loss so a fat burner is a must for me. I also would like something...
  13. K

    Best options for sarms and cutting down

    I already know the 2 best sarms for cutting down are sr9009 and gw cardarine But my question is if i were to take other sarms which ones stack best with those for maximum fat loss? I’m also interested in using n2slinx too. would that interfere at all with the sarms or my appetite which would...
  14. E

    Womens fat burner stack innosupps

    There is a sale right now for female shred stack by innosupps Regular price is $230 and they have a sale for only $136 It comes with several products all in 1 Inno glow, volcarn 2000, inno shred, night shred, inno cleanse, complete PMS support, shaker and frother Seems like a good deal for my...
  15. R

    Heavy body fat and steroid use

    so I'm looking to run anabolic steroids but the thing is when I got my test done at home on my body fat stepping on the scale it showed up that I was 20% body fat. not sure if that's accurate or not basically I am 180 lb and I've lost about 50 lb over the past year. I'm 26 years old and I am 6...
  16. K

    Best fat burning stack

    I'm very motivated to get myself into great shape and burn body fat I'm using oxypro elite as a preworkout Its been 2 weeks on and it feels like i am getting hit by a truck. Feels worse than being on clen what are some other thermogenic pre-workout or caffeine supplements that you can recommend...
  17. L

    Losing weight as a female

    I’m around 5’4’’ and weigh 155 pounds Would love to lose some extra post baby fat Finding it really hard would like to take some steroids to change my hormones to get me there Reading about clenbuterol and anavar as the top choices for females How would you stack these two?
  18. J

    S4, lgd and rad140 for size and strength

    Skinny fat physique 28 years old 5’9’’ 170 pounds I’m looking to stack s4/andarine, rad140, and lgd4033 all together the way I want to do this is pretty simple I'm going to do 25 mg of the rad 140 and lgd then I'm going to stack another 50 mg a day of the S4 This will be a 12 week run and then...
  19. C

    Which sarms solo and which stacked?

    I’m new to sarms and looking to build a lot of muscle mass with low side effects. Maybe for a first cycle I will run them by themselves and then start stacking them as I go I would like to hear some opinions on which sarms work best solo and which sarms work best when stacked I'm currently 42...
  20. V

    Planning my next sarms cutter

    I am 7 weeks removed from my rad 140 and lgd 4033 cycle that I did. I ran that for about 8 weeks and I got some decent results I put on about 6 lb this time I would like to cut down I'm 5 ft 8 in and I weigh around 195 lb with about 20% body fat and I am 27 years old I'm looking to get as lean...
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