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Rest in Peace to Bodybuilder / Gym Owner, Doug Brignole

Just from a brief scan of an on line article, there's 1 report on social media that has been marked as speculation that he passed from a heart attackBut that's speculation at this point according to that on line article.Clarence Bass a bodybuilder of the late 70s who was also a lawyer, is still around in his mid 80s. He was one of those bodybuilders who was real cut up and had 3 % bodyfat almost like Michael Cooper of the L.A. Lakers, a thin yet muscular lookI once learned a great piece of info.:most of us bodybuilders are heavythe body (specifically the heart) doesn't give preferential treatment or give bonus points on if that extra heavy weight is fat or muscleall it knows is that it has to work harder.


and compounding this issue is we know from european studies that have come out over the past 5-10 years that the damage you do from 20-40 years old (ie steroid, food and stim abuse) as many bodybuilders are guilty of will cause permanent and ir-reversable damage to the body. so even if you decide to wise up later in life its too late.

and as you said as you do get older you don't see too many jacked and huge people. the 80 something crowd are mostly made up of skinny people who are extremely laid back and calm where nothing gets to them.
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