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History of Bodybuilding Supplements, Taking Supplements 101


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What Is Bodybuilding?
Bodybuilding can be referred to as an art of body modification wherein intensive muscle hypertrophy is performed in a bid to build and sustain a well shaped physique. An individual who indulges in muscle hypertrophy is also known as a bodybuilder. Bodybuilders are known to display their physiques by using a combination of fat loss supplements, tanning lotions and oils which when combined and used appropriately can actually help reveal the hidden human muscle in the most effective and prominent fashion. There have been numerous well known bodybuilders who have provided this sport a legendary status and a few such names include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Charles Atlas and the current Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler.
In simple terms, bodybuilding is the art of building muscle fibers which are ideally developed through a suitable combination of weight training exercises, adequate sleep and proper nutrition through the means of suitable body building supplements. It is also considered as a major sporting event wherein professional bodybuilders display their physiques in front of a panel of judges who in turn are apt for assigning points on the basis of their physical symmetry and muscle proportions. Three eras of bodybuilding have been recognized by leading health experts and these include -the early years between 1880 and 1930, the Golden Age between 1940 and 1970 and 170s onwards.

These days not everyone is trying to look like a Greek god but I think all of us can admire any body builder and let them inspire use all. More then half of us may never step on a Npc-ifbb stage but We should never let it stop us from Inspiring to be much more then we are now. We should always Look to the greats for what they are. Figures of great Inspiration and motivation. Well respected men and woman who have dedicated there lives to the art of building the body. Each passing your they step on stage bigger,faster,stronger then the last.

Every sport has its heroes and its greats. Undoubtedly All of them have trained there bodies in some way shape or form.A great many of them spent countless hours in the gym,spent countless hours planing meals, and Have used bodybuilding supplements to feather enhance there bodies.

Like thous before us we are all reaching for the next level and to do so we need the knowledge. Knowledge about weight training,diet yes supplements. Because knowledge is power, With it and a good deal of dedication we can all achieve anything we desire. So let us begin to try and bring some things into light.

The Dangers Associated With Substandard Bodybuilding Supplements
Nutritional supplements can prove to be a great help for individuals who would like to develop suitable muscles by feeding their bodies with the required amounts of vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates. Nonetheless, there have been numerous cases wherein seasoned as well as relatively new bodybuilders have misused bodybuilding supplements to try and bulk up their muscles at warp speed. One such bodybuilding supplement which needs a special mention is anabolic steroids and although it helps in developing the muscle groups of an individual at a much faster pace, it also has numerous side effects attached which affect the human body in a negative manner. This is when a bodybuilding enthusiast needs to differentiate between the use and misuse of bodybuilding supplements. Indeed, the misuse of substandard bodybuilding supplements outweighs its benefits by a wide margin.

Steroids and even bodybuilding supplements Should Not be taken lightly. Improper or excessive use can not only cause harsh side effects but could possible be dangerous to your long short term and long term health health. Everyone should strive to obtain every once of knowledge they can about everything they use. Learn from the greats and from others mistakes. This is why sites like Are here. For all of us to come together and combine our knowledge in a respectful manner.

So when you are gearing up for your next cycle,planing out your next supplement/diet/training attack. Keep in mind I am always here 24 hours a day and I am always but a pm away. Not only myself but many many other mods/leaders/vets/and even some trusted sponsors are always waiting to help you. Take what every one has to say into account and lean on the people who have not lead you down the wrong paths in the past and have done so for countless others. Ultimately the choices Are yours and yours alone to make and no one has to deal with the results/
concaqances but yourself. I will do my best to help anyone to make the best choices they can make regardless of what amount of money it would place in my pocket and many many others here on elite would do the same and have done so for many years. so what ever the question, what ever the need I will help anyone and make sure its the best I can give to you and for you.

A Sign of Caution
While using a bodybuilding supplement for enhancing muscle growth, you need to ensure that you avoid using those supplements which are considered illegal With out proper working knowledge of every single aspect of the drugs. From what they do in terms of both gains and side effects. To what precautions must be taken to ensure optimal results with minimal side effects. You must weigh out the cost of everything in terms of what gains you can keep,goals you can reach. To what could happen along the road you are traveling down. Everything from legal ramifications to health hazards must be taken into consideration. Every base should be covered, every I dotted and every T crossed. After all this is your body,your health, your life.

The Risks Involved
While using substandard bodybuilding supplements, a budding bodybuilder may face the risk of damaging his body beyond repair. A few risks involved with using substandard bodybuilding supplements include the shrinkage of male testicles, lowering the sperm count in males, the development of male breast, deepening of the voice and rapid hair loss.

How to Avoid Side Effects?
In order to avoid the side effects which are caused by bodybuilding supplements, you need to ensure that you use quality products and pick your protein shakes from a reputed manufacturer. One such manufacturer of bodybuilding supplements is Here, you can easily hope to get the most effective bodybuilding supplements at an affordable price. Not only does manufacture bodybuilding supplements which are cutting edge and getting great reviews, care is also taken to ensure that the ingredients in the products are run through a series of rigorous tests before making it available for sale. Many times this is the reasons I new product we have announced keeps getting pushed back. We may hope to get a product out with in a month and it turns out being 2 months,3 months or even longer. This is because we will not except anything less then the best there is to be had. Because unless I have tested it,others have tested it, and its gotten the thumbs up on every turn we will not place the products in our store.

We stand behind everything we do and will not settle for second best no matter what the cost. We may some times be a bit more expensive but not always, and we make up the difference with customer service,great products,and also a hole lot more.

History of Bodybuilding Supplements
The history of bodybuilding supplements can be described in the form of the good, the bad as well as the ugly phases. The reason why the history of bodybuilding supplements is described in the form of the good, the bad and the ugly phases is because a sequence of events have transformed the entire scenario which has made bodybuilding one of the most cherished sporting event in the world of competitive sports. This has taken the entire world by storm. Nonetheless, a few unscrupulous acts on the parts of greedy manufacturers have jeopardized the sport of bodybuilding as they are hell bent on minting money by supplying substandard supplements to gullible consumers.
The history of bodybuilding supplements dates back to the early days when man first thought of using food products for developing a certain level of muscle mass which in ordinary circumstances would have been impossible to achieve. When we are talking about the history of bodybuilding, we need to step back in time to say a hundred years from now and refer to a man named Eugene Sandow. It is interesting to note that Eugne Sandow is known as the first modern day body building individual who had advocated the importance of diet while trying to build muscle mass in the most appropriate manner. He also advocated the need for the consumption of certain food items which actually helped build muscles at a faster pace.
He had a friend named Earle Liederman who enlightened the upcoming bodybuilders with the use of beef juice and beef extracts for helping the muscle tissues recover faster after a strenuous workout cession. Beef juice as well as beef extracts were supposed to be the first bodybuilding supplements to have been used by aspiring bodybuilders.
The first ever bodybuilding supplement was made in the year 1930 wherein an individual successfully processed weigh protein from milk and made it suitable for human consumption. This was perhaps the first edible bodybuilding supplement to have been made and consumed by aspiring bodybuilders. Interestingly, this happened almost 50 years before any bodybuilding supplement actually made it to the health stores and was distributed amongst the general public in the form of a performance enhancing drug. The person concerned also had the nutritional ability to experiment with a wide variety of minerals and vitamins in the form of powders and then use them as suitable body building supplements.
It was in the year 1950 the first protein supplement in the form of a dissolvable powder was designed for human consumption by a nutritional expert who went by the name of Irvin Johnson. He was also known as Rheo H. Blair. The product he made was formulated from milk and eggs and hence it was a high quality protein supplement designed specifically for serious athletes and seasoned bodybuilders. After Irvin Johnson, it was the turn of Joe Weider and Bob Hoffman to join the league and they too started manufacturing and then distributing their branded versions of protein supplements.
The only difference lay in the choice of ingredients and it was later found that their versions of protein powders were of an inferior quality when compared to the products made by Irvin Johnson. The main reason behind this phenomenon was the fact that Joe Weider primarily used numerous kinds of dehydrated plants, dextrose, soy beans, kelp and dextrose for formulating their super blend of body building supplements.
It was only in the 1980s that the manufacturing and sale of bodybuilding supplements surpassed all boundaries and the business transformed from a one house shop to a global empire. This is when greed started to seep into the once pure market of bodybuilding products and several spurious products were sold to unsuspecting customers who seemed to get attracted by the manner in which an advertisement displayed a particular brand of bodybuilding supplement.
One such useless bodybuilding product which deserves a special mention includes ‘boron’ and this actually rhymes with the word ‘moron’. It is really ironical that based on a vague study on boron which stated that this product raises the testosterone levels in females who are in their post menopause phase, a few supplement companies started claiming that it has the ability to increase the existing testosterone levels in healthy males as well, which in Turn aids in the overall development of the male muscle mass. This report was never backed by any substantial proof and was thus considered to be a complete lie. In fact, it still is!
The history of bodybuilding supplements also encountered yet another fake claim in the form of Smilax which was made from the sarsaparilla root. Interestingly, just like boron, even Smilax was supposed to raise the existing testosterone levels in young healthy males but most individuals who had used this product categorically claimed that it did nothing of that sort and never really helped in developing or increasing their existing testosterone levels. It was undoubtedly a sheer waste of money; nonetheless many supplement companies made a fortune selling this useless product on the basis of fake advertisements.

Very recently, a lot of research has gone into the manufacturing and the development of supplements which can be considered as effective when it comes to putting a stop to muscle loss during weight training. The name of Dr. Scott Connelly is synonymous to the field of human nutrition and he has spent a considerable part of his life trying to device supplements which can help prevent muscle loss. After a long research which apparently lasted 20 years, Dr. Scott Connelly came up with the Met-Rx supplement, which in turn is supposed to be one of the best bodybuilding supplements in the market today. While it still remains the best in the market, there was a speculation regarding the use of a ‘secret ingredient’ in the first batch of the Met-Rx supplement which helped people burn fat at warp speed. Ironically, the later batches never had the same effect as the initial ones.
Bodybuilding supplement history is also thankful to the contributions of Bill Phillips. Bill was the creator of the creatine supplement and he was successful for making it a household name. Bill was under the impression that creatine was as good as anabolic steroids and had the ability to provide the much needed pump to bodybuilders. He was absolutely correct and many people realized the truth weight behind his creation, when they saw their muscles grow at warp speed after consuming the creatine supplement, which in turn was supposedly consumed before and after a weight training cession.
Ironically not all supplements proved to be as effective as their creator Bill had suggested and one living example of such a creation is HMB. Apparently, owing to his greed to earn more money, Bill advertised this product as an effective muscle enhancing supplement. In reality, it was not half as effective as it was supposed to be. As time went by and professional bodybuilders used HMB, they realized that the product was simply useless and worthy of being thrown into the trash box. Even today, people in the bodybuilding community criticize the HMB supplement.
Just like in any other field, there is a good side and there is a bad side and henceforth even the history of bodybuilding supplements has not been able to spare itself of this natural phenomenon. In simple words, there are a few supplements which really work wonders in developing the human body and there are others which are simply useless and do little to build and repair the muscle fibres. Nonetheless, the history of bodybuilding supplements has come to a stage wherein the only outcome is directed towards the progress of the human muscle groups. However IMO I feel much more should be taken into consideration when it comes to using supplements. Not only can they be used to help build muscle but we often forget about products,herbs and other things that can have a positive effect on our health and wellness as well as ward of would be side effects from other drugs and products. Many times we often forgo everything in the hopes to obtain our goals. Blindly taking any and everything in with out giving it a second thought.

One look threw the elite fitness forums, or any forum for that matter. You will see the focus is always centered around the next cycle,the first cycle, the next big product that will build muscle. You see people laying out cycles and product stacks of all kinds and most often then not the last questions to come up are "and what are you taking for you taking for your overall health" or " have you thought about the side effects and what you will do about them" Even "are you taking a multi vitmen,are you taking something for your heart or your liver"

Even if the subjects are address its almost always seems like its just going threw the motions. YA take this, take that, this may happen take some of this and there ya have it. Half assed answers to very importer topics and questions. Of course non of us have the time to sit and rehash the same thing over and over and over again with each new person who comes to the forums. Even i have been guilty of not covering everything I should when speaking to some one. However this is why Myself and some of us make threads like this. In hopes that you and others will come across it and read it and take matters into your own hands.

For this reason I have done my best to not only inform people,take with them and make them aware of every aspect of there bodybuilding,cycles,diet and supplements. For this very reasons I have also come up with Innovated products like The new ON guard
Which I truly hope to have out before the end of the year but will not settle for second best so who knows.

Its a product that is made to cover a lot of health aspects of being on cycle or cycling OTC products. Its a product that will help everyone cover a lot of different health problems that can come from taking steroids or otc products like them. Not only that but its just a good product for overall health. It makes it easy for everyone and covers all the things that most often people forget or overlook. I hope many people use the product and take advantage of what it can do and how easy it makes things for them.

What Are Bodybuilding Supplements?
Bodybuilding supplements can be described as edible products that are ideally consumed by performing athletes as well as individuals who are engaged in the activity of weight training, in a bid to develop muscle mass and reduce the existing levels of fat content from their bodies. The main purpose of using bodybuilding supplements is to improve the athletic performance of an individual and aid in the recovery of the affected muscle groups after a strenuous training cession. The history of bodybuilding supplements has always been controversial when the need of the hour is to assess the potential effects of muscle enhancers on a human body. In fact, the results vary from person to person.

The Power of Protein
Considered as the essential building blocks of a human body, proteins are mainly taken by leading bodybuilders as well as performing athletes in the form of edible powders. Essentially, protein supplements are to be consumed immediately before or after a training cession and they can also be taken as a meal replacement. The basic theory behind the inclusion of proteins in our diets is that a regular intake of protein powders allows the human tissues to repair themselves thereby inducing the required muscle growth in a human body.
The most commonly used form of protein is the weigh protein. It is essential and helpful for muscle recovery and is easily digested by the human body. Weigh contains all the essential amino acids, branched chain amino acids and it also contains the highest amount of cysteine, which in turn is an essential amino acid. It is considered essential for the biosynthesis of glutathione. Cysteine has immense immune boosting properties and it helps the muscles grow at warp speed.

Of course a good form of Whey protein at a great price can be found at Whey To Build Muscle

The second form of protein is casein and it contains the highest amounts of glutamine content. This is an amino acid which aids in recovery of the human tissues and it contains casomorphin, which in turn helps the human body to absorb essential amino acids for a period of several hours. Its a great protein to take before bed or for going long hours with out a source of protein.

This week will have its new N2matrix product and we hope to help many people with there need for cassim protein.

The third form of protein is soy and it also contains all the essential amino acids that prove to be a suitable alternative for pure vegetarians. Soy powers also contain isoflavones, which is a kind of phytoestrogen. It is supposed to have a weak estrogenic activity

Bodybuilders also derive their protein requirements in the form of egg proteins and this is considered to be completely free of lactose and dairy products.

The hemp seed, often used in the form of hemp oil, is an essential source of proteins that are easily digested by the human body and contain essential fatty acids which are conducive for muscle growth.

The last form of protein is Super bovine protein or Blood plasma protein. Nelson montanao has spoeken often of this protein and many people have seen its awesome effects. This is a newer form of protein that has not been around a long time but its effects are spoken off more and more among the members of elite and many other sites. Its the most bioavailable form of protein there is and its insently absorbed by the body. For this reason we have inclucded this protein as well as other proteins and a good blend of branch chain Amino acids in our new product Gear


What Are Branched Amino Acids?
As we are all well aware, amino acids are supposed to be the building blocks of a human muscle. The proteins we consume are broken down into amino acids and then diverted towards our intestines for complete absorption and digestion. Leucine, valine and isoleucine are the three branched chain amino acids which have immense benefits for executing numerous biological processes within the human body. Branched chain amino acids are different from the normal amino acids and they are metabolized within the muscles of a human body and have an anabolic effect and an anti catalyst effect on the muscle tissues.

Glutamine as a Bodybuilding Supplement
Glutamine is an amino acid which is present in the human muscle. One of the main reasons why glutamine is supposed to be used in the form of an edible supplement is because it has a tendency to get reduced drastically during an anaerobic exercise routine. It has been categorically stated that bodybuilders who have depleted stores of glutamine would have a weak immune system and this in turn would also lead to the wastage of the human tissue. Glutamine is therefore made available in the form of a micronized powder which is easily dissolved by the human body. While glutamine has no apparent effect in increasing the existing bench press of a seasoned bodybuilder and neither does it aid in knee extension torque or in the recovery of torn muscle fibres in a human body, it does help raise the T-helper/suppressor cell ratios, which are often found to be depleted in the case of long distance runners. Above all else IMO it does have a profound effect on keeping up immune system health well training the body beyond normal condition.

The Role of Fatty Acids in Bodybuilding Supplements
In order to build muscles, the need for essential fatty acids is considered to be imperative. If you are a bodybuilder and you indulge in a low fat diet regime, the chances are that you would soon become fat deficient. Hence, the need for including essential fats is of vital importance as these help fulfil the fat related deficiencies in a human body with utmost ease. You may also include low fat fish such as salmon and trout and such fishes are high in fat content which are considered essential for the development of the human brain.

The inclusion of fish oils is also considered essential for the human muscle growth. Alternatively, you may also use polyunsaturated vegetable oils such as sunflower and corn. Soybean oil is also a good source of linolenic acid and the inclusion of flaxseed oil is also considered vital a vital source of linolenic acid.
The use of coconut oils and MCT in bodybuilding supplements has a long history and although MCT is easily absorbed in the bloodstream, it does not provide speed, endurance and strength to the performing athlete. Most bodybuilding supplements use fish oils to fulfil their daily requirement of essential fatty acids, which is essential for a person who is seriously perusing the sport of bodybuilding.

Omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids are not called essential fatty acids for no reasons. When people think fat they think bad. This is hardly the case. Our protein bars "Better protein bars" have a high level of essential fatty acids and we are in no way ashamed to admit it :biggrin:

MassProteinBars Stack

Role of Meal Replacement Products
Pre-packages powdered drinks as well as edible bars are often used as meal replacement supplements. They are consumed as a wholesome meal and contain relatively high amounts of proteins. At the same time, they are low in fat, moderate in terms of carbohydrate content and rich in essential vitamins and minerals. At least that is what we could all hope for and should look for. Unless they are high in essential fatty acids Imo I would avoid the ones high in other fats.

Most meal replacement products use whey protein, soy, egg albumin, calcium caseinate and micellar casein concentrates for providing essential proteins for the human muscle group. Oat, fibre, wheat flour, meltodextrin and brown rice make up for the carbohydrate content in meal replacement products and essential fatty acids are made available in the form of flax oil powder.
This is just the good ones I am speaking of. Many people are of course hard pressed to fid these kind of products and even less likely to find a protein bar on the market that has this kind of make up. The cold hard fats is a lot of products and almost all protein bars contain nothing more then sub par protein and simple sugars.

There are also certain special meal replacement products which contain essential bodybuilding ingredients such as creatine monohydrate, L-glutamine, calcium alpha-ketoglutarate, glutamine peptides and essential amino acids such as linoleic acids and lactoferrin.

On such product is My Muscle Replenisher
Muscle Replenisher

The Role of Prohormones/designer supplements In Bodybuilding Supplements .The history of bodybuilding supplements has a close relationship with Prohormones/designer. They are mainly sold to bodybuilders to enhance the hormone levles Prohormones/designer supplements are effective but they can also lead to adverse side effects especially when they are converted into estrogen taken in excess,abused or taken to lightly. there are numerous ways to block such side effects and the use of aromatase inhibitors are often included in bodybuilding supplements. Ironically most phormone products have never really been studied in detail and little is known regarding their adverse effects on a human body. And as of next month many of them will no longer be OTC or even by proscription.

The Use of Cretatine
Creatine can be described as an essential organic acid which is readily present in the human body. The main purpose of creatine is to provide short bursts of energy to the human cells. Numerous scientific studies on creatine have confirmed that it has an ability to increase strength, increase the muscle mass, provide instant energy and aid in the recovery of torn muscle tissues. It also improves brain functions by reducing mental fatigue. Creatine is found in common food items such as tuna, beef, salmon and herring and hence, it cannot be banned from international competitions as is the case with anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs.

Creatine is also known as a cell volumization agent as it has the natural ability to draw water into muscle cells thereby making them appear larger and well defined. Many of these effects people have often believed are not useful or present well on a steroid cycle however this is not true and in fact the effects are enhanced. creatine causes intercellular retention and this can have profound effects well on a steroid cycle.

We sell a good amount of products that have Creatin in them as well as pure creatin monohydate at

Protein Powders-Weigh
Weigh protein powder is an essential means of building muscles at warp speed but is ideally ignored by most bodybuilders. The fact that aspiring athletes get confused and prefer using supplements which promise quick growth but yield no results, clarifies the fact that for the growth of muscles, you need to use a supplement which builds muscles at a slow but steady pace. Weigh proteins contain all the essential amino acids that are needed for quick muscle repair and hence, they should ideally be included in the menu of all serious weight training athletes.

Thermogenic supplements
Thermogenic supplements are used in various bodybuilding products with the main aim of increasing the existing metabolism, heart rate, as well as the body temperature which in turn allows the human body to burn its fat content at warp speed. This is a broad term and supplement manufacturers can include it in a wide variety of supplements, including the standard protein shakes. A thermogenic supplement comprises of the ECA stack, caffeine, aspirin and ephedrine.

In the year 2004, the FDA banned the use of alkaloid and ephedra which were mainly used in numerous weight loss products. Hence, the ephedra content was quickly replaced by bitter orange or citrus aurantium and the effectiveness of this combination has not yet been ascertained although many products even after this ban have stoof the test of time. They have been used for over 7 years strong and have carved a name for themself within the the bodybuilding industry.

I have been lucky enough to bring these products into the store. AGX limoflam and AGX limpostim as well as AGX amplify02 have been the sole driving force behind the AGX company for over 6 years strong. They have stood the test of time and still to this day they are supplement leaders for fat lose and bf% reduction as well as mental focus and energy. THese products are not a fad. They are the real deal and there results and reviews stretch back many years and I suspect will still be leading the pack years to come.


The Use of Testosterone Boosters
The last component of bodybuilding supplements includes the use of testosterone boosters. Testosterone is ideally boosted through the means of various plants as well as vitamin combinations, which include numerous synthetic components as well. While leading manufacturers may claim that there products may boost the existing testosterone levels of a human being, most of these products cannot be accurately proven owing to the complete lack of scientific evidence. One should do all there homework when buying these types of products. Look for reviews from other forum members,friends and others. Look up everything that is in the product and be sure you fully understand the science or reason behind why the product has what it has and claims it will do what they clam it will do.

One of the most widely known and commonly excepted products on the market that fall into this category is Dermacrine By I stand behind this product so much that I waisted no time including it into my store. Topical dhea has had some studies proving it can work and even I myself have had before and after test using the product and I can so with out a doubt the product works. Eric along with the rest of the PP staff have conducted many studies on dermacrine and there other products. He is a smart man and knows what he is talking about more often then not. Dermacrine has also been around for more then 3 years and its helped many people in many different ways. From stacking it in a cycle and using it for a bridge between cycles. To using it as a stand alone test booster this product has lived up to the claims of the company many times over.

The Shocking Truth behind Supplement Scams
A supplement scam can be recognized as an act of cheating the end users, with special regards to budding bodybuilders and training athletes by providing them muscle enhancing supplements which may or may not affect the muscle groups as claimed through the means of luring advertisements. You can always list supplement scams with warning signs wherein if the supplement in question is compared with an illegal product then it may turn out to be a scam and if you see an ad which features a few unusually large bodybuilders claiming that a simple protein powder helped develop their arms to 23 inches, then again, it may be a scam in the making.
You can of course see much of this at any " legal steroid store"

A simple rule of them is this. If the ingredients are not clearly listed and you can not then take these ingredients and look them up on a search then the product is most likely crap.

Listed below are a few tips for detecting bodybuilding supplement scams:

1. Illegal Relation
There have been numerous instances wherein a bodybuilding supplement has been linked with a steroid. When such an act is detected at the outset, an effort needs to be made to research more about the ingredients used in that particular body building supplement. It so happens that whenever a performance enhancing supplement is linked with an illegal substance such as an anabolic steroid, the chances are that it may be a scam, which you need to steer clear off at all costs. Unless the ingredients are clearly stated and you can research them they are not worth it and at times not even real. MAny supplement companies will go as far as to make up names for ingredients that no one has ever even heard of let alone there being anywhere in the world for you to read about them and research them.

2. Bogus Advertisement
Then again, if you have seen an advertisement which promises quick results and appears crazily attractive, you need to exercise caution while opting for it. In simple words, if you have recently seen an add which has a couple of unusually large bodybuilders claiming that a simple protein powder was responsible for increasing their muscle mass, then you should understand that it is a sham and not real. You should therefore try and avoid purchasing such products at all costs. Of course the product may have helped but attributing the products to be the sole reasons for his size is untrue. A good product can do a lot of things and some can even raise hormone levels and "help" grow a lot of muscle. They are not the only factor though.

3. An Old Discovery
It is interesting to note that there have been numerous instances wherein manufacturers of bodybuilding supplements have tried to advertise their latest releases by stating that their products are made from a special ‘root’ which is found exclusively in the Amazonian Rain Forests of Brazil. In such a scenario, it is highly possible that a scam may be brewing. If they go to the extent of stating that the special ‘root’ was discovered in the year 1940, then you should think, ‘if it did not work in 1940, why would it work now?’ This is a classic example of bodybuilding supplement scam and this would help you avoid falling in the trap. This however in no ways means that every clam like this is untrue. Some times the statements are simple facts.

Valerian root and Melatonin come to mind. They have been used in many countries for centuries and now have even been made proscription drugs in some countries like the Netherlands,Sweden, and Norway. So I would not disregard every product that makes statements like this just be on guard when you see it.

4. Ridiculous Statements
How often have you overheard statements like these, ‘I gained 30lbs of pure muscle in 7 days flat after using a particular bodybuilding supplement?’ In case you get to hear such statements, you should be very cautious and do extensive research on the product without fail. The reason why you cannot gain 30lbs in 7 days is because it is impossible for the human muscle to grow that fast. In fact, even anabolic steroids cannot guarantee such quick growth. Hence, you should understand that this is yet another scam in the making and that you need to avoid it at all costs. If the statment is a bit more modest and its a statement you see reported by many then that is a better indication that the product is living up to its claims

5. Bogus Claims
Yet another way of locating bodybuilding scams is by reading through statements made by the manufacturers which claim that their protein powders have the ability to enhance muscle growth through increased protein synthesis or by increased nitrogen synthesis. While this may be true in some cases but when the manufacturer is unable to explain the process involving increased nitrogen synthesis in the human muscle, then you should understand that it is a scam. On the other hand, if the manufacturers claim that the process is far too complicated to explain then again, it is a scam which is best avoided by serious bodybuilders.what I am trying to say is this. Whey protein is whey protein,cassin protein is cassin protein. Yes different processes can make them a little different however X's whey protein concentrate is no better then Y's whey protein concentrate.

So pick the flavors you like, with the nutritional brake down you are looking for from a company you like. Its as simple as that. Some forms of protein are better then others for different reasons but X's protein if its the same kind of protein will never be any better then Y's protein of the same kind. Sorry hate to brake it to you. Taste,cost,nutritional brake down and the other ingredients they add to the protein is the only thing that makes them any different.

6. The Before and After Myth
How often have you become a victim of the before and after pictures? Well, if you have often fallen in the trap of believing in the before and after pictures methodology, the chances are that you need to exercise caution the next time around. Most pictures which display a skinny guy and then replace him with a muscular model after making him consume a certain brand of bodybuilding supplement are misleading and should never be trusted. It is nothing but another bodybuilding scam in the making. Unless that person just so happens to be some one you know personally and you are able to speak with that person directly then its a good idea to forget the before and afters. They are probably photo shopped anyway

How Can I Avoid Getting Scammed?
If you do not want to be one of those individuals who are falling prey to the ever expanding supplement scam market then you need to try and make sure that you quit thinking about the ‘April Fools Day’ from this very moment. While this was just a joke, the seriousness of the situation needs to be understood by abstaining from choosing an ineffective supplement for building muscle mass. Each week, you would see a new product in the health sector which promises bigger muscles, better muscle definition, speedier recovery and better taste. But how many of such claims actually work for building your muscles? I guess, only a handful. Well, here are two tips to avoid falling prey to the vicious bodybuilding supplement scams which have recently plagued the sport of bodybuilding:

1. Gain Adequate Knowledge
One of the most effective and by far the most importent ways of avoiding the ongoing bodybuilding scams is by gaining adequate knowledge about the usual bodybuilding supplements. Knowledge is the first line of defense when it comes to safeguarding yourself against possible bodybuilding scams. Interestingly, the more you spend time reading about product reviews on the internet, the lesser are your chances to get fleeced in the act. In order to educate yourself, you need to make use of the internet, join health forums, read books and seek advice from your friends and relatives and well respected members of the community you choice to be a part of. These people were not handed respect though some would have you believe that. Many f them earned it in the eyes of others. I myself would never take the words of a respected member of any forum lightly. That is on any forum not just elite.

2. Something Out Of the World
The second way of avoiding a bodybuilding supplement trap is by ensuring that you steer clear of things which are simply ‘too good to be true’. In simple words, if you come across phrases and claims which seem ridiculous and too hard to believe, you need to understand that they are being used as a marketing strategy to sell bodybuilding products. often the claims are not true but this is not to say all of them are not true Lets face it we have all seen products that do live up to claims that seem to be to good to bre true. Take beastdrol, superdrol, deiselbolan, p-plexand other products of there kind. They mad claims that a few years ago would think are to good to be true, but they lived up to the claims. Keep in mind products like this are not a dime a dozen though.

Likewise, you need to ensure that you do not get swayed by the phrase ‘new and improved’ because in reality, there is nothing new about the product and hence everything is just the same. Last but not the least, if your supplement claims that it has the ability to blossom your muscles just like an anabolic supplement, you should understand that this is yet another bodybuilding supplement scam in the making.
A know of one such company that made a product that did work. it was a great product and many people gained a lot of muscle using the product. Later this company switched the ingredients in that product and called it" the new version". Yet the new version was crap and had nothing of value in it at all. This company no doubt made millions of dollars from this one products bait and switch.

In order to avoid falling prey to the ongoing bodybuilding supplement scam, you need to be well aware that there is no such thing as a ‘magical pill’ for muscle growth and hence you need to try and ensure that you remain grounded and calm while choosing the best suited performance enhancing supplement for your muscle growth. Never buy anything with out knowing everything about it first and also talking with others about the product.

The Shocking Truth about Supplements
These days you simply cannot hope to flip open any health magazine and not watch an advertisement stating the importance of a particular brand of performance enhancing supplement. You would also notice that on each alternate page, there is an advertisement which clearly states that a new protein supplement has been launched which is way better than the rest of the lot and can help you gain muscle mass at warp speed while helping you lose body fat in a jiffy. Most of these advertisements make use of before and after pictures which have been modified to perfection using the computer aided graphic designing techniques. All this happens when you simply want to know the method of developing a muscular body in the most appropriate manner

the Bodybuilding industry has become tainted and there are very few products that can be trusted. All this is owing to the fact that greedy manufacturers simply wish to mint money at the expense of the gullible consumers. In order to save yourself from such scams, you simply need to read through the product ingredients with care and make informed choices

There have been numerous instances wherein leading bodybuilding supplement manufacturers have started a vicious campaign wherein they blend more than a single ingredient in a protein supplement and claim that it is better than its competitors. This so called ‘blend’ is not at all good and has mere traces of the essential proteins that are required for building the human muscle. It is therefore nothing but a money making gimmick which needs to be avoided at all costs.

Here are a few facts on the so called ‘blended’ products which would prove to be an eye-opener for aspiring bodybuilders:

Facts on Propriety Blends
Propriety blends can be defined as the label which often describes the ingredients of an edible supplement and is found on the outside of carton. Propriety blend is also known as a nutritional label and it foretells the health enhancing properties of a health supplement. Ironically, there is no information regarding the quantity in which the ingredients are actually present within a supplement pack.

One of the main reasons why propriety blend is placed on a supplement food is to keep the amount as well as the ratio of each ingredient a secretive affair so as to avoid it being copied by a competitive marketer. The second reason why a supplement manufacturer may use propriety blends is to ensure that the consumer has little or no knowledge regarding scant quantity of ingredients present within the bodybuilding supplement.

The use of propriety blend functions as a double edged sword wherein one end is used to safeguard the secret ingredients present in the bodybuilding supplement while the other end is used for duping the customers into believing that their product is simply the best in the league.

The Harsh Truth behind Propriety Blends
When you take a closer look at an edible supplement, you would almost always catch a glimpse of a particular section which categorically reads ‘propriety blends.’ The blend has a list of all the ingredients that are present in a supplement but it does not specify the amount of ingredients that are present in the supplement. There could be numerous reasons why a supplement contains a section named propriety blend but ideally it is done to ensure that the nearest competition has no idea regarding the ratio and amounts of each ingredient which is included in the supplement. This is ideally done so as to ‘knock off’ any competition and hence, leaves no chance of copying the secret formula.

Then again, some selfish manufacturers make use of this tool to hide the fact that they are using very little amounts of ingredients that can help assist muscle repair and growth. This is mainly done with an intention of fooling the customer. Unfortunately, the use of propriety blends is mainly used to dupe customers into believing that their supplement is the best in the business whereas the truth is otherwise. This is also known as label decorators and they have been used several times by leading bodybuilding manufacturers in attempting to hide the actual ingredients. Nonetheless, we as consumer need to be cautious while trying to pick a suitable bodybuilding supplement.

How to Choose a Trusted Supplement Company?
This is a very difficult choice to make keeping in mind the booming supplements industry. There have been numerous instances wherein people have categorically stated that a suitable supplement company is very difficult to find and that it requires intensive research to locate one. I am doing everything I can to help change this in the industry and believe me it has been met with much hate from other companies and the people that are involved with them. Keep in mind when you see others making all the attacks and the other party like myself makes no attempts to attack back and roll in the mud with them. Yet rather choices to let his actions and company speak for its self with each and every person it comes in contact with. That is the only thing that can be proven to you as a single person. Choice to deal with Myself and and let my actions and my interactions with you speak. I whole heartily believe that you will quickly agree that my actions will always speak 100 times louder then the biggest big mouth haters could ever dream of. They prove others wrong daily and I hope they do so for years to come.

Only once in a blue moon a company comes along that puts everythnig it has into the people around it. A company that is willing to do almost anything for its customers and for its friends. Not often will you see a company go above and beyond like NTBM and some of the sponsors of

When a order is messed up and a company tells you they will reship the whole order but you can keep the other products. When a company drops free products in almost every order. when a company has given any and everyone who was not not happy a refund or even a refund plus more free products. When you can call a company at 2 am and talk for 2 hours with the owner of the company about your needs. When you need a product right away and you call the owner (a friend) and ask them if you can pay for overnight shipping and he tells you don't even worry about the cost i got you covered.

When you ask for help in a time of need when you are down and out and that company is more then happy to help you. When almost everyone who has ever dealt with a company personally ( not what they think or heard or have no prof of ever dealing with the company but just hate on them for other motives) when real customers and real people who have dealt with the company all say they have never ever been treated even close to how well this company has treated them.

Then and only then you have found a
Then and only then you have found a company that you can trust to treat you like more then a dollar bill.

Bodybuilding is a sport which is synonymous to the use as well as abuse of bodybuilding supplements. In order to develop a suitable physique, seasoned weight training individuals give adequate time to their bodies in the form of rest and make an effort to train their bodies using weight training equipment. While rest and weight training are considered imperative for developing a suitable physique, the fact remains that unless and until you are consuming a suitable diet which in turn comprises liberal servings of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, you would never reach to a stage wherein you can confidently state that you possess a well developed physique.

To build muscles, you need to take suitable bodybuilding supplements on a regular basis and the lack of supplements would be felt in the form of a catabolic state and all leading as well as amateur bodybuilders would like to avoid catabolism of their muscle groups. While bodybuilding supplements are considered imperative for developing a human muscle group, care needs to be taken while choosing the most appropriate bodybuilding supplement. Here, you need to exercise caution in the form of selecting the most appropriate bodybuilding supplement manufacturer and in turn can be achieved through intensive research. After reading thorough product reviews, joining health forums you ought to try and make an effort to ensure that you avoid running headlong into bodybuilding supplement scams.

In fact, by gaining adequate knowledge regarding the most trusted company, you would be ensuring and equipping yourself with the necessary tools that are required for encountering such scams with utmost ease. Here, bodybuilding scams are supposed to be taken very seriously and a performing athlete needs to choose and use only those bodybuilding supplements which have been known to perform and have been established over the years.

This is one of the main reasons why has shown great results in terms of providing the consumers with the best quality of bodybuilding supplements at an affordable price. Here, care is taken to ensure that the concept of proprietary blends is kept to the bare minimum so as to ensure that people who are serious about their workouts have a chance to view the ingredients of their supplements first hand. Such transparency in terms of bodybuilding supplements is considered vital for achieving peak performance in a relatively short time span.

I have only my actions to prove my worth to the industry and communities I am involved with. Time and time again people and places have tried to bait me into rolling in the mud with them. I will forever follow up any of there mud slinging with my actions and not flam filled words and mud slinging.

Only the true scamers, the truly greedy, the hate filled, the mindless,the childish roll in the mud and gather around others who do so. When you see some one attacking another,calling them names,speaking hate filled words,saying and doing everything they can to tare down another person. One should asks ones self. If they treat some one they have never met like that how are they going to treat me when they have my money in there hands and I am not happy with there products or service? How are they going to treat me when I engage in a perisnal company client relationship with them and things do not go there way?

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