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Questions about my second cycle?


New member
Im about to start a second cycle and i have so many questions I've been researching about for months now. I originally only did test-e 500mg a week with arimidex .5 mg EOD for my first. But it came with so much bloating. People were saying my face ballooned outta proportion. Now my second cycle I'm nervous about even doing test e for the same reason. My second cycle is going to be
Test e 500mg week 12 weeks
Winstrol 50mg day for 8 weeks
Arimidex .5 or 1mg EOD
1. Now i know orals only is frowned upon, but would doing winstrol only for 8 weeks be alright, or do i have to throw in the test e.
2. My second question is should i up the arimidex to 1mg EOD or should i stick to .5mg EOD and find alternatives to help combat bloating.
3. Should i stop, or lower the arimidex when i start winstrol. I want to start winstrol after my fourth week.
4. Should my main focus be cutting, or is it better to focus on high protein while staying at a slight caloric surplus to build muscle and shed some fat in the process (i know that sounds dumb)
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