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push, pull, legs routine outline

This is a great log, Steve. I read through a few pages and really think I'm going to come away learning a lot. My routine is built on the three core lifts, bench deads and squats. And then building around that. So much good advice in here that I can incorporate into my program. I'll following if that's ok. :)
I also like this split but do it a little different.

Day 1 chest, front & side delts, Tri
Day 2 back, traps, rear Delts, bi
Day 3 legs, lower back and abs.

Number of sets per day varies. 9-12 total on majors, 6-9 on minors. Never more than 30 in a day seems to be my limit. I keep busy between sets with 1 min if some cardio movements.

Some times I go 3 on 1 of or like above I rest when my body calls got it. On cycle it never calls for anything but food but I do rest also once or twice every week or so.

Cardio is done 2x20 min a week Hiit and 2x40 steady state. Depends where I am at.

This is a great middle of the road work split for bulking, shredding, losing weight or maint but can be taxing for some. It all comes down to your diet abc ability to recover.
I'm currently running a cutting cycle (test, eq, var) and just started the push / pull / legs split.

I'm wondering if I should do Mon - pull
Tue - HIIT (low carb)
Wed - push
Thu - HIIT (low carb)
Fri - legs
Sat & Sun rest or hike.

Would this be idea for a cut cycle? I just feel like I'm "wasting" Tue and Thur as I could be doing more exercises due to quick recovery.

Other option is
Mon - pull
Tue - push
Wed - legs
Thur - pull
Fri - push
Sat - legs or rest
Sun - rest

Any input will help. Thanks.
I havent really done many workout styles like these. Mainly done all in 1 days, with more rest. I do notice differences on days you combine legs and upper body. You start with squats, you will do more reps in your upper body stuff.

What days would you guys mix in forearms, and grip exercises? The pull days? Does anyone mix in various grip exercises? Pinch grip, crushing grip, dirty rice, sledgehammer work, wristrollers, wrist curls?

I do realize I need to start a push/pull/leg type regiment though so fully work out each part of the muscle and keep the workouts under an hour if possible. I need to stick to a shedule instead of whatever I feel like doing, and gauging different muscles.
Just remember to start with a minimum dose of sets and add extra sets as you can tolerate them. I work as a nurse so l have some pharmaceutical knowledge think of sets like a dose. Dr start low and work up they dont just make a guess how much of a drug to give. The body responds to minute changes. So think of sets like a dose or a stimulus

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