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Pretty large cycle thoughts, please opine

no need such a big cycle
Hello everybody I live in the Middle East and large Cycles are the new thing here
I'm currently 33 years old and I am 180 cm tall and I weigh around 85 kilos
My plan is this:
Trenbolone hex 100
Sustanon 250
Test prop 100
Primobolan 250
These dosages are 2x per week
On cycle liver support, C1000, prostate support, and nolvadex
let me know what you think about this above? I'm looking to perhaps get into Pro bodybuilding in the future
No there not. Oxygen Gym is based there and we hear different
large cycles are getting out of hand in the middle east. you will see guys dropping dead from these huge cycles

halve everything
I'm going to ask what your experience is with each of these compounds first?

Second what is your goal?

From that I would still guess your throwing more problems at yourself than solutions to reach your goal. Simple cycles get results. Don't try and do it all in one cycle. While yes steroids are can help make dramatic body changes in a relatively short time, the definition of a short time is not a couple months here. We are still talking years if you want to do it right and keep it.
Dont think you need all that gear test and tren would do the trick my friend
That is overkill less is more meaning less sides less complications less things to rule out if you don't react good.

I really don't understand why people go for the grand slam right out the gate. You could take the marathon not a sprint approach, do less compounds at smaller dosages thus being able to keep the receptors fresher longer and build quality of time.

I hate this now now now stuff we see today.
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