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    domestic supply 12 weeks on, 12 weeks off

    I’m doing a domestic supply cycle 12 weeks on, 12 weeks off, then going back on for 12 weeks. So far so good. I’m getting excellent results and I’m happy with it. Currently on my 2nd leg of my cycle and gaining 8 pounds this time around while also cutting fat. I’ve been using sustanon, winstrol...
  2. Y

    sustanon, superdrol, and tren stack

    gonna go a bit aggressive on my next cycle. Looking to smash my personal records in both strength and Mass. I wanted to put together a stack that included sustanon, superdrol and trenbolone. Should I go with tren E or which I stick with tren ace? And how much superdrol is too much? I’m 34 years...
  3. H

    Bulking up with deca and sustanon

    I’m excited to try a bulking stack 5’10’’194 pounds. 28 years old. 2nd cycle. First one was test and dbol. 2-3 years ago. Struggling to get over 200 pounds without gaining too much fat looking to run deca and sustanon. How long would you run them and how much?
  4. J

    how do you use anti estrogens for benefits?

    I’m curious to hear how I can use anti estrogens on a steroid cycle for an advantage? Using tren, winstrol and sustanon on this current stack. Doing 300mgs tren, 50mgs winstrol and 500mgs sustanon. Its a really good mix I am on. Getting some fluid gains but feel like my estrogen is too high. How...
  5. T

    nice bulking review for domestic supply

    sorry it took me a while to get this review up but wanted to say that has been an absolute joy to work with. JasonPriest on here was a big help getting me setup on a bulking cycle. Greg is so fast with responding to messages as well. Did a bulking cycle with sustanon, dbol...
  6. M

    using test 500mg/ml?

    Wondering about using test 500mgs/ml or sustanon 500mgs/ml does this injection hurt or does it not necessarily hurt depending on what source you use just looking to use a thousand milligrams a week and if I could do two CC’s that would be a lot less than having to do four cc’s any recommend...
  7. L

    hitting my goals with napsgear

    before the cycle I was 190 pounds and was benching 300 pounds roughly for 1 rep max so I set out a goal to gain 10 pounds up to 200 pounds and then be able to do 3 plates for reps decided to use deca and sustanon from napsgear what a great decision! This shipping was lightning quick and I got...
  8. W

    bulking with geneza pharma

    wanted to do a nice bulk with lean muscle mass improvements. I was looking at doing geneza pharma and i made an order with them. Everything was simple and straight forward. The products i got were on point and i was able to hit my goals and more. top quality products cheap.they have great...
  9. S

    napsgear deca and sustanon for size

    very nice bulking cycle so far I’m putting on some solid bulk so far on this stack I’ve been on deca and sustanon for 4 weeks only and noticing my lifts going up and my appetite is insane! I’m sitting here and posting this and my appetite is crazy and I literally just ate a meal I highly...
  10. Z

    best way to run anavar and sustanon

    looking to get some good lean muscle mass and put on some strength six foot one inches 217 pounds and around 14% body fat I’m 25 years old and I’ve been training for the past four years how would you stack anavar and sustanon?
  11. X

    why am I still gaining after cycle?

    So everyone said I would lose all my gains without a pct well guess what? I am 4 weeks post cycle since my last injection and I AM STILL GAINING! I started out 5’8’’ 166 pounds and now up to 183 pounds.. strength is still going up and I’m gaining weight still my cycle was deca and sustanon. I...
  12. T

    how do you use sustanon?

    So my friend hooked me up with sustanon I just don’t know how I’m supposed to use this stuff in terms of injection frequency reading some old posts it seems like you’re supposed to run it every other day but then I read that you’re supposed to only take it once a week if it’s a cycle can you...
  13. V

    big boy wants big gains

    I’m easily the biggest guy on here. I’m 275 pounds is 6 foot 5 inches. Could squeeze any of you and snap you in half. I’m looking to get even stronger and get bigger if I can get up to 300 pounds, all muscle. That would be perfect. Looking to use sustanon, 1000mgs per week trenbolone 500mgs a...
  14. M

    Deca, sustanon 5 weeks into cycle questions

    so I'm currently 5 weeks into sustanon and deca durabolin cycle Sex drive is amazing Strength is way up Appetite is ridiculous.. All i want to do is lift, have sex and eat. What a great cycle my only complaint though is the water retention I'm experiencing. I have about 16% body fat and I am 218...
  15. Z

    Sustanon with tren and anavar

    So my goal is strength on my upcoming cycle right now I'm benching 285 lb would like to get up to three plates. a buddy of mine use a similar cycle and he was able to add about 50 lb to his bench press my only question is what kind of dosing do I need on the stack? my buddy weighs 220 lb but I'm...
  16. D

    Anyone try tri-tren and sustanon?

    I'm interested in trying tri tren and sustanon together Have used tren and have never used sustanon at all so not sure what i should expect nor am sure what dosages would work best My dosing range on tren is 250-400mgs and my sustanon i have read you can run it as high as 750mgs with good...
  17. G

    Heavy set guy and steroid help

    Currently 284 lb and 6 ft 5 in I would describe my body as heavy set not sure on body fat. I'm a big biker dude that you don't want to run into I'll put it that way I'm looking to use steroids to get stronger which steroid would you recommend for me if you had to choose between sustanon and...
  18. R

    Happy to announce the results of my napsgear deca stack

    Just got done with my first deca stack using napsgear I used deca, sustanon and tbol together It was an interesting stack and I ran it 12 weeks then came off. I did a 5-week PCT and then I ran a test booster for another 5 weeks. I kept most of my games ended up with 11 lb net also I would say...
  19. J

    Help me choose test for first cycle

    I'm looking to do my first ever steroid cycle in I am coming to you for some guidance I'm 28 years old and I am ready for steroids Its gonna be 12 week cycle and a 4 week pct my question is what kind of testosterone should I use? And what source has the best testosterone overall, i don’t care...
  20. S

    How do dose sustanon properly with tren and masteron

    So my next cycle is going to be sustanon, tren and masteron I chose tren E and mast E. i know that twice a week is the optimal way to dose it The problem is with sustanon. How are you supposed to dose it to keep proper test levels. Is it EOD? And what is the best dose if you are doing 250mgs of...
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