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only 2 weeks into puritysourcelabs cycle

Puritysourcelabs unmatched quality the ton of amazing reviews
very early on my cycle but i am Noticing some results already. I am an absolute monster in the gym and I'm throwing around weights like a gorilla. I'm also very surprised at the low amount of side effects considering I am doing a tren run with deca. I’m really enjoying this cycle. early on, but so far so good. payment was sent and order came. very fast to me, 4-5 days. results are amazing 2 weeks and can feel a change.
Just be careful because at this point when you're going into the gym like an animal, and your throwing weights around like a beast, that means they have to put you in a different facility where you'll be bench press and telephone poles and squatting old I beams from Bridges, it sounds like you're going full blown beast mode you're going to get a felony if you continue to assault the weights..
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