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  1. E

    puritysourcelabs impressive bulker

    nice bulking cycle i put together. Did a simple test and dbol stack where i ran the test 12 weeks and dbol 6 weeks. The first half of the cycle was amazing, i kept gaining and gaining with limited side effects. They also sell aromasin which is high quality and that kept my estrogen issues under...
  2. D

    puritysourcelabs is my favorite

    one of the smoothest transactions i have done with steroids in a long time. Everything is easy to follow, just follow instructions and use their website. Shipping is super fast and the products are incredible. I made some major strides. i did it all in 3 steps. ordering is easy online. delivery...
  3. K

    puritysourcelabs one of the best

    one of the best things about using this source is the cost. They aren’t the cheapest but they are also very fairly priced. I can remember years ago paying a lot more for the same products. even using three different steroids it still is cheap and their anavar is really good. nice products and...
  4. A

    Puritysourcelabs primo any good?

    was reading about how Primobolan was frequently faked and even if you get the real thing it's still extremely underdose because it's so expensive to source I want to know if puritysourcelabs is any good. I wanted to buy about $1200 worth of primo from them But I didn't want to waste my money if...
  5. Q

    Puritysourcelabs turaxel and oxymetholex

    I had a question about buying orals from PSL I was looking at their oral lineup and saw a couple things on there which i am curious to learn more about One of them is turaxel and oxymetholex. Are these really steroids or are they just vitamins with fancy names given to them...
  6. U

    PSL domestic shipping questions

    what does it mean when you order from PSL domestic and the package is saying ‘awaiting shipping carrier’ I’m worried that they seized the package and I could get in trouble or does that just mean it has yet to be delivered
  7. N

    Need PSL products soon

    Would you guys recommend using PSL if i wanted my products as soon as possible? I am in the USA whether international shipping be swift or should I go ahead and use their domestic shipping options I need some AI’s as soon as possible due to gyno flareups
  8. PhillDragon

    Euro-Pharmacies RAPID CUT PRO-350 perfectly dosed

    I just wanted to share my opinion about this product 1ml EOD Great. Perfectly dosed A perfect blend
  9. Z

    PSL testosterone A++

    Been having a lot of issues with allergies and PIP when i use testosterone from my pharmacy I decided to try the testosterone from PSL instead it's been 3 weeks and not only do I not have any pain when I injected also my allergies are gone. I can actually breathe for a change. will be...
  10. E

    PSL shipping times

    hello, I live in Ohio wondering how long the shipping times take between going domestic vs. International when it came to PSL gear I would like to place my order and get it before xmas so I can hook my friend up who helped me move. I’m worried they will be on vacation or something
  11. F

    PSL hgh is good to go

    Was using hgh from PSL. wasn't getting the best results what it was really early I know of that growth hormone takes a long time to start doing anyting. Had the stuff tested with bloodwork. my growth hormone levels were Sky High on 5iu’s a day So we know they are good !
  12. S

    Love PSL website

    I came across PSL a couple months back but wish I had used them sooner they have literally everything on their website and I was able to buy everything for my cycle and my post cycle all in one shot. It did not end up being as expensive as I thought I paid less than $600 for a really heavy...
  13. G

    Low sides and great gains from PSL

    I am so grateful that I chose wisely. I’m used to using underdosed gear or fake gear. This time I ran a mild cycle and had good clean results with little sides. nice things to say about them. i'm happy with ordering process. packaging was awesome nothing crushed or broken. ordered primo, var...
  14. J

    Easy to order from PSL

    I've been ordering steroids from my gym dealer for the past decade and I finally got tired of the crappy products he was telling me decided to try PSL. I was surprised at how easy it was to use them. They were spot on the whole way and I never had any headaches or worry using them
  15. D

    PSL one of the best

    first time using PSL. have to say one of the best experiences i have been through. they are solid source. I had no issues ordering on site. delivery was good gears was delivered in 14 days. i got a bunch of orals and injectables. results are impressive gained 18 pounds.
  16. M

    PSL order arrived on time

    Just want to let everyone know my order from PSL got here I went and checked my mail 5 minutes ago and was so excited to see it had arrived Everything was exactly how i ordered it. The orals were packed perfect, they were bent on the ends but nothing was broken. Safe and securely shipped
  17. R

    PSL makes things so easy!

    Their website is so easy over at PSL Just want to give them credit for that They have literally everything you could possibly need. I was able to buy not only things for my cycle but also things i needed during and after for pct too. Great source!
  18. L

    Nice job PSL again

    Just did my 2nd order with PSL They handled everything with professionalism and class. Vision was sensational how he dealt with me sometimes I have to remember that they are a steroid source and not a high-end car dealer or something like that. Will use them a 3rd time
  19. J

    PSL orals are A+

    never used these guys before. Ordered some of their orals for me and my brother. We both had outstanding results and felt it within a few days. they helped me with my order. ordering is good easy to order on their site. packaging was solid nothing was smashed. i ordered anavar, dbol, anadrol...
  20. L

    Why we love PSL

    A lot of us at my gym are meatheads and proud of that We love psl cause They have fantastic service first of all next their website works really fast and finally their customer service is always on top of things and their products work really well.