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    puritysourcelabs is the best

    PSL Products are very high quality. I always have confidence when I order from them that what I order is going to be what they send me. In this case i ran a pretty solid stack of tren, tbol and test Prop. Everything was smooth with the injections and I was able to see results pretty quickly on...
  2. D

    PSL new stock questions

    so i placed an order with PSL back in december but my order got cancelled when they went on vacation. Now i am trying to get my order back done. Need some advice on what i have to do because i can’t remember what i ordered and i can’t remember my password on the website to see if there is a...
  3. B

    rock on with puritysourcelabs!

    Heard a lot of good things about PSL so I thought I’d give them a shot. I got on their testosterone and I used some Primo with it. The gear was surprisingly smooth to inject and it was very effective I had some really good results that started showing around week five. got my pack fast...
  4. Z

    Puritysourcelabs closed or what is up?

    So what is going on with PSL? Are they closed for good or are they just on vacation and what kind of source closes like this and leaves their customers hanging. Maybe i didn’t get the memo as To what is going on so for that I apologize but maybe they should have been more open about them closing...
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    5 stars for puritysourcelabs

    man what an experience from psl. first time using them but I've been using steroids for the past 15 years. usually get them from my guy at the gym but he is gone now so I had to go through the online thing which I was apprehensive about but they did everything perfect for me. getting stronger...
  6. C

    How long for puritysourcelabs to get to me?

    I’m really in a rush to start my cycle My planning hasn’t been good. I’ve got 9 weeks till i leave for my vacation and i am running out of time to get my gear Long story short, my gf threw out all my steroids i was gonna use. Now i gotta re-order EQ, primo and test. How long does it take them to...
  7. D

    puritysourcelabs satisfied again

    I would estimate this is the fifth or sixth time I've used them over the past 5 years. it's always been a great experience and I'm currently using their sustanon. I'm loving this stuff because as soon as you get on it you can feel it hit you hard within the first few days. I'm always hungry and...
  8. Y

    puritysourcelabs is a place you can trust

    I've learned a long time ago to never make large orders with sources because you never know when they may go bad. However with PSL i have the utmost confidence that I will never have an issue with them. since I am planning on competing it's going to be necessary for me to make large steroid...
  9. C

    puritysourcelabs the best

    love these guys being in the United States. never had a single issue with them and the package comes quickly and the gear is always high quality. they also return the emails really quick whenever I have a question. I will always recommend them. ordering is easy pretty simple online source...
  10. N

    only 2 weeks into puritysourcelabs cycle

    very early on my cycle but i am Noticing some results already. I am an absolute monster in the gym and I'm throwing around weights like a gorilla. I'm also very surprised at the low amount of side effects considering I am doing a tren run with deca. I’m really enjoying this cycle. early on, but...
  11. K

    puritysourcelabs triple steroids run

    was not looking to run a long cycle at all, last time i did that i got very shut down. This time decided to use a 3 steroid stack of test, mast and tren The results were pretty fast. Within 2 weeks started to see a visual difference in the mirror and was pretty pleased. nice results in a short...
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    Puritysourcelabs sustanon 500mgs per week review

    I used puritysourcelabs sustanon and ran it 500mgs a week for 16 weeks My results were Outstanding I started out at 5'7 and 180 lb. by the end of the cycle I was up close to 200 lb. also I had some Incredible strength improvements. I went from the second weakest dude in my group that I train...
  13. J

    Puritysourcelabs payment, order, and shipment A+

    Gotta give puritysourcelabs straight A’s for all their great service At first I was worried about using an online Source since they can easily just take your money and run. but these guys are honest and they made things easy. payment is very simple and when you order your product they send you...
  14. E

    purity sourcelabs honest 5 star review

    one of the best experiences i’ve had not just ordering steroids online but ordering anything online they really were there for me and they helped me out. it seems like they are Pros to customer service and their products fit the bill. my lower legs have gotten huge on this stack. you won’t...
  15. V

    A-rated puritysourcelabs

    have to give PSL high marks, they are an excellent source. I decided to do a cutting cycle this time. this is the first time I have ever cut down like this with steroids. have to say that I'm thoroughly impressed with the results that I'm getting. body fat shedding down like crazy and I'm...
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    why i like puritysourcelabs

    one of the best experiences i’ve had ordering anything before. Not just steroids. They are on point and punctual. You place the order on their site and you get an instant email with the confirmation. Before you know it the product is delivered and you are on your way. they have great gear for a...
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    puritysourcelabs impressive bulker

    nice bulking cycle i put together. Did a simple test and dbol stack where i ran the test 12 weeks and dbol 6 weeks. The first half of the cycle was amazing, i kept gaining and gaining with limited side effects. They also sell aromasin which is high quality and that kept my estrogen issues under...
  18. D

    puritysourcelabs is my favorite

    one of the smoothest transactions i have done with steroids in a long time. Everything is easy to follow, just follow instructions and use their website. Shipping is super fast and the products are incredible. I made some major strides. i did it all in 3 steps. ordering is easy online. delivery...
  19. K

    puritysourcelabs one of the best

    one of the best things about using this source is the cost. They aren’t the cheapest but they are also very fairly priced. I can remember years ago paying a lot more for the same products. even using three different steroids it still is cheap and their anavar is really good. nice products and...
  20. A

    Puritysourcelabs primo any good?

    was reading about how Primobolan was frequently faked and even if you get the real thing it's still extremely underdose because it's so expensive to source I want to know if puritysourcelabs is any good. I wanted to buy about $1200 worth of primo from them But I didn't want to waste my money if...
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