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New to Tren - Can I get some help?

You would need to get your bf down before using any steroids
This is a little bit of a misconception. Even if your BF% is up you will get benefits from taking steroids. The problem is you have increased risk of aromatization and since your heart already is most likely working hard you will increase your risk of heart issues. You can still gain crazy strength, but that strength may not convert directly to esthetic appearance. Women generally have higher body fat percentages than he says he has when they take steroids, but they are not afraid of aromatization.
@NoleftnutLOL welcome to EF, thank you for coming in and talking.

To start, don't use HGH if you had cancer before, that's a bad idea, period. Anyone that tells you to do so is a fool.

For a cycle avoid trenbolone also to start.

My cycle suggestion for you is this.

week 1-12
500mgs testosterone cypionate/week split into 2 injections
250mgs equipoise /week split into 2 injections
10mgs tamoxifen/day (keeps igf1 low)
aromasin or arimidex as Ai , do NOT use letrozol
n2guard 7caps/day (organ liver support is a must in your case)

and PCT after or go on TRT

and since you are sharing this and you're new to EF we need you to post a LOG journal of your training diet and cycle for us

Please post a Log Journal asap for us

Please click the anabolic forum
top RIGHT, you see: +POST THREAD
click that

in Title: write your cycle name, like> My _____ Cycle Log
___ = the name of your log
example: My testosterone cycle Log
in body: write your planned cycle or cycle you doing now, your diet, training and we will help you along on your cycle

here are examples of LOG Journals
Finally able to post the cycle log. Thanks guys!
Good job at surviving the cancer. Since you are here and asking I take it you are completely in remission. Know that I am not a medical professional of any kind and all I am sharing is information I picked up from research online and on myself.

Tren is an amazing compound, I have yet to find any other steroid that made me feel like I felt while on tren. On the same note though tren will screw with your brain and for some people it can make them violent, at a minimum it does make you a little more aggressive. For me it also took my sex drive through the roof, make sure your partner(s) is(are) ready and willing for multiple times a day and night, probably without that release my aggression may have been higher. For this reason I wouldn't use if I was single. Also though for this reason I do not recommend running Tren-E for your first time on tren. I would run Tren-ace as within 72 hours of your last injection most of it will be out of your system and you will be able to start to come down.

Another thing to consider is you will never have another drug make you feel like this again and for me it is almost addictive. So addictive that once I was done with that cycle I instantly started looking at the Calander to plan my next cycle. I made amazing gains and I was taking a low dose of around only 200mg a week. Most people run 300-400mg a week with some even doing 500mg a week, couldn't imagine what that would feel like.

Now the real kicker down sides, it will suppress any remaining natural testosterone you produce. Don't know where your levels are after the cancer and the only way to really know is get a blood test done, but if your already on testosterone replacement treatment, like me, this isn't an issue. From the sounds of things though you have not been tested and really do not know where your hormones are currently. Probably the best place to start is a hormone panel and you may be able to score yourself a prescription for Testosterone!

Next on the list is Tren is very toxic, if will screw up your cholesterol, and a slew of other possible health issues. Definitely make sure you have Caber on hand if you start lactating and an AI incase your nipples get a little too sensitive. With all the toxicity of Tren I am almost certain running a cycle of it will take time off your life even if you are lucky enough to avoid any of the bad side effects. Lets also not forget the bad, but not nasty side effects like night sweats, trouble sleeping, acne, balding if your already disposed to male pattern baldness, and this list goes on.

In the end if I were you I would just be thankful to still be alive currently after what you have been through and avoid Tren, but I felt it necessary to give you my additional thoughts cause ultimately your going to do what you want to and when you do that and probably have problems just know we are still here to help.
I appreciate you. I have strayed away from the tren for all of those reasons. I also can be on TRT at any time but my test levels run in the 280-310 range so I havent started, yet, because the need doesnt outweigh the the fact that I will then need to harpoon myself for the rest of my life. At least from what docs are telling me, if I start the TRT, I will forever be on it. Not sure ill actually get used to sticking myself all the time. I hate doing it even during the cycle.
Finally able to post the cycle log. Thanks guys!
can you update that log @NoleftnutLOL with more details
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