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cycle advice

  1. D

    Test/deca/oral cycle

    I have been into bodybuilding for about 6 years now and have already run a beginner Test E only cycle dosed at 500mg/week for 15 weeks. In winter I am planning my second cycle, a stack of Test E and Deca and I am planning on throwing in an oral like Dbol for a kickstart. I am 24, 6'2 (188cm) and...
  2. sebasq

    Tren A, Test E, Deca.

    testosterone E 350mg/week for 14 weeks (1.2ml). - deca-dura 300mg/week for 8 weeks (1ml). - Tren A 70m/e3d for 8 weeks (0.7 mL) (150mg/week total). - arimadex e3d. - TAMOXIFEN 20mg daily. - pct : HCG : 2500iu weekly for two-weeks - 4 weeks 25-50mg per day mesterolone(prov) - clomid 100mg per...
  3. M

    Female Ostarine & Clen stack

    5’5” 170 lbs 31yo female. Been lifting heavy for about 3 years now and I really wanna cut since I’ve never seriously done one. I did a 6 week cycle of what I thought was var. around 10mgs a day. Honestly my diet was shit and I really only lifted weights- no cardio. Gained 10lbs def gained some...
  4. NoleftnutLOL

    New to Tren - Can I get some help?

    I am 6'1" 175lbs and i would safely say around 18-20%BF. I previously had testicular cancer which led to me losing 25ish LBS of muscle mass. I have done previous cycles with EQ/HGH/TEST/SUS and some others I can't think of at the moment. I am just looking to dose and use what I have here to get...
  5. J

    Test C cycle

    So my friend gave me a bottle of Testosterone Cypionate 300 mg and I thought I'd might as well do a cycle. I've been thinking about doing it for awhile and I've done some research. The thing is I'm only 22 and I don't want to risk anything to bad right now with anything like deca. I was...
  6. J

    PCT for Deca Durabolin and Test Cypionate

    Im starting my cycle soon and want to know a good PCT for half a CC each of Deca Durabloin 300 mg and testosterone Cypionate 300 mg every two days. Im going to do a 8 week cycle. Im 22 years old, weigh 195 ilbs, and 5"7'. Wanna get The PCT before I start. thank you in advance.
  7. Q

    Sustanon 250 and tren acetate

    Hey everyone, I was curious about running a cycle I am 5 feet 7 inches 180 lbs looking to put on some mass. Ive been lifting for about 4 years on and off. I have sus 250 and tren acetate 100mg per ml My question was can i run 50mg monday wednesday and friday of tren acetate making 150 mg a week...
  8. S

    Dbol Question

    Okay so I finished my first cycle almost 2 months ago. I ran a 500mg/week test cycle for 10 weeks with 40mg/day dbol for the first 4 weeks. I was incredibly happy with the results I got. I still have a bunch of dbol left over from my last cycle and am thinking about running a dbol only...
  9. K

    Advice/Guidance for a 68yo HRT wanting to cycle

    Howdy! I'm looking for advice and guidance for someone my age. I'll be 68 next month. The guys at my gym are mostly in their 20s and 30s and can't really advise someone in my age group. So that's why I'm here... hoping someone can help me out. Background: I've been working out hard and...
  10. V

    I Want to Start T (Vancouver)

    Ive done all my research, the only problem I have left and it's driving my crazy is that i dont know where to buy from, I know a site from the U.S that is trustworthy but I can't risk that because I'm on probation and canadian customs are strict. How should I go about getting what I need I live...
  11. M

    TestProp + TrenAce + Masteron + Anavar Cycle

    Hey Guys, I am planning start this cycle on February 01. 2016. Week 1-16 : Test Prop 150mgs/Eod Week 1-8 : Anavar 80mgs/Ed Week 9-16 : TrenAce: 100mgs/Eod (Use Cabergoline throughout Tren cycle) Week 11-16 : Masteron: 100mgs/Eod Week 1-16: Arimidex 0.5mgs/Ed Planning to add Clen with 2weeks...
  12. I

    winstrol only help

    Hey guys, need some advice regarding my cycle, diet and training regime. I'l be as informative as possible. Current Stats 22 year old 5'10 165 lb Bf - 11% Training for past 5 years with varied level of sincerity. Current Goal To be lean n muscular as fuck. Past cycle experience Did a low...
  13. I

    winstrol only help

    Hey guys, need some advice regarding my cycle, diet and training regime. I'l be as informative as possible. Current Stats 22 year old 5'10 165 lb Bf - 11% Training for past 5 years with varied level of sincerity. Current Goal To be lean n muscular as fuck. Past cycle experience Did a low...
  14. Cowboy19822

    One 10ml testosterone vial

    I have one 10ml vial 250mg/ml.Since ive read that 250mg a week is not enough for any noticeable gains. I was wondering if this short cycle coould be better than the 250 a week.testosterone enanthate. Week1 250 Week2 250 Week3 375 Week4 375 Week5 375 Week6 375 Week7 375 Week8 125
  15. B

    Test e Mast e and Anavar Cycle Advice

    Just finished my second cycle of Test e 500pw and Anavar 40mg ed. Gained 2 stone exactly and huge strength gains but time will tell what my net gain will be. I am looking at a new cycle starting December 1st. My plan is this: Week 1-12 Test Enanthate 500mg pw Week 1-12 Masteron Enanthate...
  16. S

    Aromasin & extreme joint pain

    AROMASIN AND EXTREME JOINT PAIN: Hi guys, I'm experiencing some excruciating joint pain (shoulders and knee) which is making it almost impossible for me to work out, especially the shoulders. I also feel "Carpel Tunnel" numbness in my left hand and serious stiffness in my back. I'm strongly...
  17. mdbro328

    cycle help

    I am 30yr 6.2 200 18%bf I have been on trt for 3 years diagnosis low t 200mg eow I have now decided I would like to bulk my diet is pretty good but if I'm honest not perfect Planed cycle Dbol ed 50mg for 6wk Testcyp 400-500wk 12 wk Being on trt should I still look at pct or I'll be ok
  18. S

    Need some advice from the big guns

    Hi Gents Iv'e been doing some homework and I'm almost ready to start my cycle, I just have one or two questions (Yes sorry I know you get them all the time) so if there is an obvious answer then please point me in the direction of the material so I can educate myself rather than waste your...
  19. S

    2nd cycle help

    Hi, I'm 48 years old 177cm 5ft 10inch 71 kilos thats 155 pounds I finished my first 10 week cycle of Sus/Deca/Dbol with PCT just over 3 months ago and will wait another 2 months to start a second. I would like to run a cycle consisting of Sus/EQ/Oxymethelone with PCT and support gear...
  20. M

    An ok newb cycle (test prop)?

    Hello ELitefitness! Ive been planning a cycle for a while, and before i do anything, i want to make sure that everything is complete and ready. Im a complete beginner at this theme, but ive read alot to get a basic understanding of important things. Also, i hope its a good cycle for newbies to...
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