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  1. I

    full domestic supply cycle review

    I’m doing a 24 week cycle from domestic supply its test cyp, hcg, and anavar I’m roughly 4 weeks into the cycle and so far so good getting nice muscle gains and feeling more libido can tell these products are not notch quality as promised. I’m excited to see how much results I can get after a...
  2. V

    closest thing to hcg?

    I’m looking for something similar to hcg in supplement form used to get hcg from a clinic but they started to charge too much and they moved to another part of town and I don’t drive. So not worth it anymore I was thinking of just ordering a supplement online that can do the same thing that it...
  3. J

    weekly HCG dose for trt people?

    I’m looking for advice on using hcg while on TRT my anti aging doctor wants me to go on it but he said he would let me pick a proper dose based on what I was looking to do to put it plainly he said that every six months I would do hcg for 8 weeks to activate my nuts I’m 41 years old and looking...
  4. C

    Cycle review and what to run

    I'm basically looking for some reassurance on this cycle and also want to touch base with you guys to make sure I'm running the proper ancillar I'm 24 years old and I am 6 ft tall 195 lb with 12% body fat I've been training for the past 5 years religiously the steroids that I'm looking to use...
  5. S

    Hcg diet not around anymore?

    I'm interested in trying the HCG diet. One of my friends listens to a lot of joe rogan and it is pushed a lot on there along with other stuff The way i’ve read it was supposed to be done is you inject or take hcg supplements and then you Consume 500 to 800 calories a day you aren't allowed to...
  6. J

    Cycle finishing touches

    My current stats are 41 years old 6'2 and 208 lb I like staying lean and aesthetic looking. I don't want to get above 220 lb I've run a handful of Cycles in the past This time want to run something fun Deca 400mgs per week Test cyp 250mgs per week Tbol 30mgs a day Hcg 1000ius 3x per week Is my...
  7. J

    Proper ancillaries on this cycle

    Stats are 25 years old 6’1’’ 188 pounds 15% body fat Training for 10 years First time using steroids in a while.. Tried them when i was like 19 or 20 but didn’t know what i was doing My goals are more muscle size I’m gonna tell you my cycle and you tell me what i need to run on it please...
  8. I

    Hcg supplements?

    is there such thing as taking hcg supplements? I used to be able to buy it online so easily and now nobody sells it anymore it got banned or something now people are trying to sell it in supplement form I want to use it for my balls and also to get some fat loss benefits
  9. V

    How to dose test with other things

    okay so let's say you were going to run 500 mg a week of straight testosterone single ester how should you stack in other things like say aromasin, hcg, HGH or an oral steroid? is there a formula that you're supposed to use or some sort of graph that i can follow I’m 28 years old and 210 pounds
  10. E

    Supplementing hcg?

    is there such thing as supplementing HCG? a friend of mine lost a lot of weight going to one of those clinics where they were prescribing hcg. the government came in and shut them down and he had to buy it on his own via black market. I don't want to do that but I want to try it, what...
  11. S

    Blast and hcg strategy

    I was looking to do a blast and cruise strategy over the next year or two My plan was do 2g of gear a week for say 20 weeks then cruise on HCG for a few weeks, then blast again Rich piana used to push this strategy. What do you guys think, will it work for me?
  12. L

    First cycle 26 years old

    In my late twenties and I'm ready for my first cycle it's going to be testosterone cypionate as my first choice I'm over 200 lb and my body fat as around 14% should I inject twice a week or would it be better to just do injections once a week also how much HCG and adex will i need?
  13. J

    Using HCG as a female

    my boyfriend uses hcg especially post his steroid cycle because he said that rich piana said that it is good for your balls or something as a female should I also use the stuff? I do notice my boyfriend gets more horny on it and he says that it helps him keep his gains from a cycle. Does this...
  14. M

    Female hcg use for recovery?

    I just came off a long sarms and anavar cycle that was 15 weeks and i feel rundown. I’m female and 135 pounds My boyfriend wants me to run hcg cause he said that is what he uses and it works good for him and makes his libido go up. Should i run some hcg too and how long?
  15. A

    Naspgear 4 cycle stack

    So check out this cycle i am gonna do from napsgear, really excited. 32 years old, 185 pounds Hcg 250iu 2x per week 12 weeks testosterone enanthate 800mg 10 weeks NPP 400mg Aromasin Caber Anything Else you would add to this stack my goals are to bulk and to gain about 15 pounds
  16. B

    Blast and cruise question

    I have been on 500 mg of testosterone cypionate for the past 20 weeks. I have been running HCG at 1000IU twice a week to keep my balls pumping. Now I want to go on a cruise at 250 mg a week until my next cycle. My question is do I keep doing HCG or do I need to take a break
  17. Hellawulf

    Help! Losing weight, not sure if it's a good thing

    Hey guys, I'm 29 y/0, 6'2" and I was 252LBs, but I've dropped to about 246LBs. I'm training for MMA. Currently I'm on 100mg testosterone cypionate injection + hcg (not sure, but typical Men's health clinic amount, I think 50mg?) injection, each Monday morning, then 1 anastrozole pill on...
  18. W

    What to take to get unnatural testicles with big veins popping?

    Is it a little bit testosterone gel and HCG or HCG alone? Surely it is not just ball stretchers. So what's the secret? I mean really, these testicles are not natural right? Jacked like this..
  19. W

    What to take to get unnatural testicles with big veins popping?

    Is it a little bit testosterone gel and HCG or HCG alone? Surely it si not just ball stretchers. So what's the secret? I mean really, these testicles are not natural right? Jacked like this..
  20. T

    First time PCT advice

    I've used various enhancement compounds in the past, but some months ago decided to to a round of test. I had been taking some proviron for about a month, then tapered off once I started taking test E. Initially I frontloaded, 1cc @ 250mg for the first week, then backed down to 125mg for a...
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