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    First job as fitness trainer. How to begin with the new client

    Hello. In next days I'll start my first job as fitness trainer and I need some advices. How to begin first training with new client. What kind of questions to ask and how to begin training. I have general idea what should I ask and what kind of info I need from my client. First thing first I...
  2. B

    Beginner training

    I'm looking to add in a basic cardio training program to my existing weight training. I've never done much cardio except running during PE in school. I'm a bigger guy and usually got out of doing cardio because of my asthma as an excuse. What kind of cardio can someone like me he was big do safely
  3. E

    LGD first time cycle

    I feel like crap right now on LGD4033 anabolicum, like I felt great the first few weeks on it, I am using 10mg a day. Then over the past week things have changed. I feel no energy and lethargic and my libido is even going down. I got these sarms from enhanced athlete in case you want to know...
  4. W

    Advice for a total newbie

    Hello, I am a total newbie. I'm considering starting an anabolic steroid cycle but would like some advice on what to research/read and where to begin. Some background. I'm 60, male, 5'6" 180lbs, about 30% body fat. I walk 3 miles 2x per week. I also have a light weight routine I do 2x...
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    Changing My Life & Grand Plans For The Future

    Hi, I am in my early twenties and a relative beginner who has only been going to the gym for a few months. I am an average weight for my height/age - 73kg and 181cm. I know many of you here are very experienced and knowledgeable with a lot of wisdom regarding gym-going, so I would really...
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    Ready or not? (Here I come! or not?)

    Salute iron brothers, Little bit about myself, I used to be addicted and passioned about MMA at a young age till i screwed my knees. Long story short, was introduced to the gym and fell in love with it. I've been training for 7-8 years, started working out at an age of 16 and weighted rougly...
  7. M

    First Cycle: Test E + Oral Dianabol + Aromasin

    Hi Guys, I have just joined and looking to start my first cycle soon. I am 37 and been working out hard for the last 3.5yrs and on/off for the 10yrs before that. I have a trainer and my diet is covered so just wondering how my cycle looks. Its a twelve week cycle including the PCT...
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    Different Case: Steroids at 18

    So, straight away you're thinking "dumbass kid wanting to get big fast"... stick with me for a minute and let me explain my situation and then I'd like to hear your opinion. First of all, I'm 18 and I am in two minds, I am neutral... I wanted to give you the facts and then make an educated...
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    Woman and peptides help!!

    Hi all. Im wanting to start taking peptides. I want to lose a bit of weight first maybe 5 kgs then tone what i have. I would love to know the best combo and dosage if anyone can help me out that would be awesome! !
  10. F

    My First Athlete Cycle

    Hi, just want to say thanks to EliteFitness and everyone on the forum for the great info. Long time reader first time poster. Anyways I'm a serious athlete (wrestler) 20 years old, 5'7 floating around 150lbs atm. Lifting for 8 years became very serious about my training and diet in the last 6...
  11. S

    need advice on winstrol

    hey guys i am a 22 year old male and have never ran any type of cycle a i am 6"1` with a very athletic build i played sports all of my life and am relatively in decent shape i weigh 235 at the moment with around 22% body fat and a friend of mine recommended winstrol i am not looking to get...
  12. J

    Cutting stack, 18% to <10% bodyfat

    Hi i need advices on using sarms and hopefully someone can come up with a cutting stack for ? currently stading at 174cm, weighing at 79kg. Considering to use yohimflame, S-4 and GW(cardarine) whey protein and bcaas only. I will be very glad to receive any advice and suggestions given...
  13. J

    A little help for a weak novice

    Dear all, Forgive me for my ignorance but this is all new. I am a soon to be 35 year father of 2. I want to get strong and I'd if poss achieve an ascetically pleasing body ( I appreciate this is hugely subjective). I stumbled across the stronglifts 5x5 program and figured I'd just hammer...
  14. B

    28 beginner cut cycle

    28 6'2 245 been lifting light since I was 18. I want to take it to the next level dropping to 220 with muscle. I've got this in mind so far. Tren a, test prop, winstrol, novaldex, Hcg, arimidex. I'm looking to cut. This is where I'm at. No hurry just want to get my gear complete. I did...
  15. A

    Whole cycle final check

    First cycle and I just want to make sure I'm not missing something vital this this every thing I'll be taking to the tee. Please pay close attention to pct as I'm not sure when I should take each item. I believe you suppose to separate your serm from your AI to prevent rebound gyno correct? Pre...
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    Questions from Beginner

    Hey all, I'm a college football player, 6'3" 230lb at 15% body fat. I am not a bodybuilder, if anything our program would be closest to a powerlifter's, although I do add on to our team lifts with supplemental lifts for hypertrophy to keep my weight up and to satisfy body image. I am very...
  17. R

    Beginner Question

    I understand this forum has tons of information. Almost too much to start. I am just starting(5 months ago) a very basic cardio regimen that consists of either the elliptical or stationary bike. I have gone from ~245lbs to 210lbs during this time period. I would like to take the next step in...
  18. G

    Equipoise- Crossfit Beginner Cycle

    I want to do a cycle of Equipoise (veterinary use) ... Not sure if I should combined with Testosterone. I'm not sure what PCT to use ... Currently I do crossfit and do weight training on the days I need to work something that does not work in my day to do crossfit. My goal is to add weight and...
  19. J

    M-sten for a New Lifter

    Hello all, First, a little background. I am 27 years old, and have always been of slight build, albeit with varying degrees of body fat. Even at 230 pounds a few years ago, I didn't have substantially more muscle than I do now. In fact, I probably had less. I have been getting in shape over...
  20. S

    Beginner in need of advice please!!!

    Hey i'm 22, 5'11, 175lb with a 18.2% bf. I'm interested in doing an 8-10 week cycle because I have a bootcamp training for around that period of time coming up and steroids aren't an issue. Does anyone know where I should start? What kind of PCT should I use? My body tends to be sensitive to...
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