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Approved Log Najona's Log

22-05-2024/WORKOUT DAY 2:

Good Mornings off Pins - 3x10 - 96 lb

Smith Machine Front Squat - 3x12 - 136 lb

Smith Machine Deadlift - 3x12 - 175 lb

Inverted Row - 3x12

Smith Machine Bench Press - 3x12 - 107 lb

Smith Machine Calf Raise - 3x12 - 169 lb


**WEEK 4:**


Veggie omelet

High-protein waffle breakfast

Protein smoothie


Oatmeal and protein powder

Greek yogurt parfait

Coconut oil protein smoothie


Chicken over greens with toast

Burger and sweet potato

Deli turkey and cheese


Salmon, pasta and broccoli

Bison burger and chips

Turkey and veggies

Fresh bread, provolone cheese (melted) with deli Pepperoni

20-05-2024/WORKOUT DAY 1:

Wide Smith Machine Squat - 3x10 - 134 lb

Smith Machine Curtsy Lunge - 3x12 - 115 lb

Smith Machine Incline Bench Press - 3x12 - 107 lb

Smith Machine Bent Over Row - 3x12 - 90 lb

Smith Machine Upright Row - 3x12 - 72 lb

Smith Machine Bicep Curl - 3x15 - 60 lb


**WEEK 3:**


Waffles and eggs

Avocado toast

Oatmeal and berries


PB & J

Strawberries and cereal

Rice cakes and guac


Turkey wrap

Grilled salmon salad

Chicken and brown rice


Turkey and Brussels sprouts

Steak and sweet potato

Chicken and zucchini noodles

Join me - I'll be having Belgian Waffle, Scrambled Eggs, and Portuguese Sausages for breakfast!
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@Najona Log is going good.....full power......
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