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My beginner cycle

Looks like N2GUARD is out of stock unfortunately. is where I have purchased it in the past. It’s the only organ support I’ve used. Nothing really compares to the ingredient list it has.

Can anyone on here suggest another option for organ support until it gets restocked??

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you can buy tudca, milk thistle and NAC
will be pricy and not same as n2guard but at least something
i will look for those.

On another note, should I edit first post and put workout or just add regular reply?
Posted before and got some great advice and looked through many other threads.

My official first cycle is:

100mg Test TRT (prescribed) per week
cardarine 20mg per day
50mg Anavar Odin Pharm from Nap per day
Kril Oil
Seed probiotic
multi vitamin

Monday Arms
Tuesday Shoulders
Wednesday Back
Thursday Chest and Abs
Friday Legs

Been following this for 14 weeks and began addeding the Cardarine and Anavar this week.

My is daily diet is generally:

10am - 2 slices bacon, two eggs, 3/4 oatmeal, tbsp honey, supplements

12pm - protien shake

2pm - cup of ground beef, cup of white rice, tbsp hot sauce

4pm - protien shake

6pm - chicken and veggies

12am - pre-workout then gym

2am - cottege cheese or protien shake after workout

- I'm 5'11" and 220lbs and try to consume 1800 - 2200 calories per day

Any thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated

Thanks, brother! for using Napsgear products for your on going cycle.
I am here to help you 24x7.
If you want any assistance please pm me or email me at [email protected]
I would love to help you.
Thank you!
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