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Lean bulk opinions

its all in the types of foods you eat and calories
I do cardio on bulks too keep in mind
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Good input guys.
My take away from this.
If trying to add muscle while staying lean or trying not to add fat along the way. Obviously a good training process is a huge part. Take in to consideration any gear.
Every person will be different based on their genetics and metabolism.
Don’t skip cardio like a dirty bulk. This will help stay lean.
Diet is adjusted to each person. Basics is a higher protein diet .
But more important is eating clean, quality food.
Adjust your macros for your goal. Higher than maintenance if able to do so with out adding fat. Or a controllable amount. Slightly lower than maintenance if needed.
Water water water at least 1 gallon per day.
Enough carbs and fat for good energy.
You want the body to use carbs and fats for energy. You don’t want it burning protein for energy. That might defeat that ability to add muscle.
Again this is just my take away for now. And only my opinion.

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