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Lean bulk opinions

lean bulking could mean something like adding weight (bulking) and staying lean at the same time.
Wanted to just open a discussion.
We hear the term “lean bulk”. What do you consider a lean bulk. I have read some logs and post on here and other place. Just figured it always a good topic.
There are lots of things to consider.
Calories, macros and of course training.
I for one am a hard gainer and of course old. So I have to eat clean during a bulk.
Last bulk I ran 40% carb, 20%fat, 40% protein. I added about 15 lbs but since I had dbol it was more water than I realized.
Carbs were great for energy. I would try and have carbs 1-2 hours prior to gym. I could tell when I didn’t. I ate more fruit then and this kept my sugar up.
Now I’m in a cut and feel weak and low energy. Definitely miss the extra food.
I do seem like most to put the extra weight around the middle. Of course that is opposite of my goal.
How are y’all doing a lean bulk?

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bro lean bulk mean a guy wit low fat and still got ton of muscle
Lean bulk to me is running more dry compounds, looking to gain a few pounds of lean mass, and not adding any fat. Different from a typical bulk where you are just looking to add mass.
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