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Invest in Bitcoin?


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The world of AAS opened me up to Bitcoin, now I’m seeing a lot of people investing in it. Is that a good idea and does anyone have any good tips for buying Bitcoin? Thanks.
I just use it to send and receive but if you want to invest just buy and wait. The market is very volatile and changes greatly on a daily basis so you would have to buy a significant amount and then cash out when it increases significantly. It suxs because it decreases often so you think you're losing money but it turns around and increases often as well.
If this was years ago it wouod be smart. Now its way too volatile and its too unpredictable to know what its going to do. Many say it hit its peak and us sbout to drop like hell. Then there's others that think it will explode again. So its just like playing a slot machine. You may win big. You may lose big. Your money. Your call. Personally I only invest my money in what I know will make me guaranteed money. And returns
I buy a small amount of Bitcoin and Ether every month, it has been by far my best performing assets. But you are coming in after bitcoin has had a huge rise this year. I would only buy if you are prepared for a big correction and to hold for time. You can stake on coinbase if want to earn interest. I treat bitcoin as digital gold, a hedge bet. It has been high risk and extremely volatile but very rewarding.
BTC, ETH and ADA are my main hodl now, I have been buying and trading crypto since early 2018, and still kicking myself for selling before this last bull run[emoji51]

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