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    Thanks for the K digi. I love having a son around the house. How is life? Probably happy tax season is over
    Base model RAV is holding up well. 27 months old and almost 11k trouble free miles :)

    Got waxed with boat wax yesterday :)

    In the final analysis, most people do not make poor food choices because that's what they want ... seriously, do you THINK people like being fat and out of shape??? Give them a little credit and try to wrap your brain around the fact they make the best choices they can based on their education and what is accessible.

    And FYI, try spending a few weeks in a city. I think you're kind of naive about the way the world works. Come to Philly for a few weeks, discover the joys of the various boroughs. North Philly should open your eyes a little.
    Digi, when was the last time you drove around Philadelphia, a couple miles around the city limits. Do you realize there are NO grocery stores? NONE. Try living off of the food available in convenience stores. There IS no fresh produce, no frozen veg. It's like another frigging planet.
    BTW, empty calories are not nutrition. I have owned animals all my life. Buy cats crappy cheap cat food, free feed it. You end up with fat cats with health issues. Switch the same cats to high quality "gourmet" food and still free feed, they consume a fraction of the amount of food and lose weight. Same thing with humans. Not to mention the fact that study after study has proven sugar may very well affect the brain exactly like heroine or cocaine. Have a little heart, man.
    Digi, I love you but you've got blinders on when it comes to this particular issue. I won't debate you, watch the movies, read the book, or let us agree to disagree and remain friends, agreed? If you won't even give the subject review with an open mind and scientific support then there is no way to discuss it without it turning ugly :whatever:
    You're wrong.

    Take $1, go into a grocery store, buy the maximum amount of calories you can for that dollar. You do NOT get those calories in the produce aisle, you get them in processed foods. I'm telling you, READ the book "Stuffed and Starved" Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System: Raj Patel: 9781612191270: Books

    Or at the very least, watch the documentary on Netflix, A Place at the Table.

    Look, poverty goes hand in hand with malnourishment. In developed countries, the poor and malnourished are obese. In third world countries, the poor and malnourished are underweight, it's the SAME THING. It's just in industrialized nations where cheap calories are easily accessible, the poor can fill their bellies with cheap sugary, fat and carby crap because we give them less than subsistence level amounts of food stamps and in impoverished countries they simply have nothing.
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