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How good is cutting with testosterone and equipoise together?

I've never cut well on testosterone I like other steroids
Primo is one of the best Cutters but you can also cut an equipoise as a man
we've seen plenty of people cut on both testosterone and equipoise it can be done it's about diet
hit the fasted cardio every day and you'll burn good fat
I was wondering how good of a cutting cycle it would be to do 250 milligrams of testosterone and 600 milligrams of equipoise together.
My plan was doing that for 10 weeks
and finishing the cycle with 50 milligrams a day of Winstrol.
I’m currently five foot 11 and I weigh 222 pounds and about 16% body fat and I’m 28 years old
Do you have any further tips and advice for me?
Great if diet right
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