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  • Hi Stu, if I wasn't on the forums I'd source via my local gym. I've a buddy that can go a couple of valleys over. I also used, if briefly, Genesis UGL (very local to me). However, when one of the owners OD'd that disappeared. Cos I've been around the game a LONG time (lol) I've even been sent bits just to try out for free etc etc

    As as rep I am able to access products from PSL and NapsGear. Obviously I've not tried everything but all I have tried, or my buddy used when trying the injectables for me has been good to go (only Test Prop got complaints - that's cos it stings and raises a bump after but Test Prop can do that) One tip, cos I HAVE had issues, when buying from either of these sources is to ONLY use brands based in the UK. BioTeq Labs we had to chase up. It got sorted but it was off putting. So my go to, via Naps, has been Intek. PSL it's all their own brand and, as has been said, Vision is a fkin star when it comes to sorting out issues.

    Hope that helps
    Hi Steve, can you provide a good place to buy needles and syringes from please? Looking to start my first steroid cycle once the gyms reopen so wanna get all my shit together..
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