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I had a dream, I had an awesome dream


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I was standing in a parking lot. I don't recall why, but I was wearing long polyester bell bottoms (white) and had on a tight vest over a blue shirt - I can only imagine that Saturday Night Fever was the inspiration for that outfit. But it was set in today, or last night rather. But daytime.
I was standing there looking around, and I think talking to someone - don't recall what about.
But then I heard music and talking and I realized I was in a commercial. Not a commercial shoot - but the actual commercial - like I was in the TV. It was an ad for the new retro comeback of the ... not sure what. I think it was either a Pontiac Firebird or a Trans-AM - whatever it was, it just screamed mullet. But these blew me away - they had a fin system in the back that was reminiscent of the batmobile. 3 of them rolled into the parking lot. One was cherry red and I could see my reflection in it as it drove by, but looking at those smooth lines and those huge fins in the back - I could only see myself behind the wheel - I had to have one. it was retro. it was cool.
Then pulled in a station wagon version - also with fins - it was retro aerodynamic in styling and it was a very pale yellow, almost a skintone.
Then the music changed dramatically and in came the bad ass. Rolling through the entrace of the parking lot and across the pavement, slow-mo past my eyes, I saw the blue one, with the super-charged blower in the front, I knew this was the sport version that was all suped up. I suppose to add extra emphasis, the entire thing was covered, every square inch of it, in sparkling bedazzeled goodness - the sun glinted off of it like the way the light dances over a disco ball - a rainbow of colors filled my eyes, and a swelling of passion filled my soul - I HAD to have that car.

It reminds me of doing shrooms.

fucking weird dream.

but it was the first dream in a long time I've had where people weren't chasing me. not that I can recall at least.
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HappyScrappy said:
...they had a fin system in the back that was reminiscent of the batmobile.



That dream sounds very very sexy....mostly because of the talk to bedazzling and the fact that I'm VERY attracted to station wagons-- or lustmobiles as I like to call them. Now had you described a bedazzled station wagon....damn......I sudder at the though.


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Hey, in this dream, were there people in the park playing games in the dark?

Cause if so, I think I had the same dream.


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Lionel Ritchie is very likely the human form of God.

That Batmobile doesn't quite do these bad boys justice. They were up about that high, but a little thiner, and they had smooth contoured ridges down the side. and then they ended in a very fish-like multi curve...

things of beauty - I actually was thinking "SHIT! I hate American cars, and I know that I would normally be really embarassed driving a 70's Firebird - but that thing looks really sweet!"
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FWIW, I follow the /. posting theme - if you have something constructive to say, say it. Otherwise, be a smartass.
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