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How low on the anavar for females?

Anavar generally comes in two pill sizes. A 10 mg pill and a 50 mg pill. The pills are tiny to begin with so just cutting one is half without some turning to dust is difficult. For this reason, I generally recommend two 5 mg doses taken a day 12 hours apart for someone with previous PED experience. If you were a novice, I would say 5 mg before workout for a couple weeks first just to test your tolerance, but you have already been using. Now yes genetics plays a large role as some women will get side effects at just 5 mg a day. I have heard of others taking 20-40 mg a day and not having side effects. I would work up slowly. If you already did an 8-week cycle on the 2X5 routine take 8 weeks off and try 2X10 for 8 weeks and see what happens. The nice thing about Anavar is it has a 10–12-hour half-life, so if you start having side effects you don't want, discontinue use immediately and things should go back to normal in about a week. I say a week because it takes about 72 hours for the anavar to be low enough in the body that it doesn't matter, but the rest of your hormones can take a couple more days to get back to equilibrium.

On a side note, other compounds exist that you can try such as Primo. Some others will try to say as a female you should only take GW, but GW isn't used for the same purpose as Anavar. GW is a weight loss and energy enhancer, while Anavar prevents muscle wasting when on a calorie deficient diet and helps build muscle mass when you have a slight surplus.
nice post man.
I'm looking to do the absolute minimum dosage of anavar for females
One of my girlfriends says that she ran it 2.5 mg a day and had good results. I on the other hand have run it between 5 and 10 mg and I needed to run it higher to see anything. not sure if it's my genetics or what's going on
what do you recommend I do going forward? I'm 44 years old and I am 5'7 148 lb
I would start at 5mg daily
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