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Help with Test Dosage and HCG usage

Hey there, i need some advice please, i am doing my first cicle, i am currently in week 3.

Age: 26, Weight: 67kg or 147lb, BF: 14%, been training for 9 years.
I am doing my first cicle with a Testosterone mix, i have been using it 250mg weekly, i need some help since i believe i had been doing it wrong by injecting it weekly, the Test Mix has: 100mg Test Isocaproate, 100mg Test Fenilpropionate, 50mg Propionate, can you please tell me ¿What frequency should i use for the Test Mix and what dosage? Example: 150mg on Tuesday and 100mg on Friday, etc.
I am also using 200mg of Nandrolone Decanoate weekly, 25 mg Proviron and 10mg Tamoxifen daily. Test and Nandrolone for 8 weeks, i am planning on using 50mg Winstrol/eod from week 7 to 10. - Proviron 25 mg and 10mg Tamoxifen daily until week 10.
PCT: HCG 1000 ui/e3d from Week 9 and 10, Tamox 30mg Week 11, and then 20mg on week 12 and 13. Clomiphene 100mg on Week 11, and then 50mg on week 12 and 13.
¿Should i use HCG intra cycle or just use it in the PCT?
Thank you very much in advance, please pardon my ignorance.
not to cherry pick but how tall are you? under 150 pounds is always a red flag that your diet and muscle mass isn't there yet
theres so much wrong here...

1. way too young

2. NEVER use hcg in pct

3. how tall are you???

4. why would you pick a test "mix" on a first cycle?

5. who is giving you any of this advice?
I feel like you either have not done any research or have been influenced by someone in a really bad way
You need to log it for help. BUT you’re still too young to be using peds. And especially with the knowledge you have.
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