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GW501516 + Ostarine (MK2866) Log with Pictures


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I would like to thank you all for the valuable information I read here.
I am 26 years old, ex muay thai fighter, ex bodybuilding lover.

Got divorced 2 years ago. Got depressed, quit sports, started smoking and drinking like a horse pretty much every day. (Typical story...)

It has been 5 months since I have stopped drinking and smoking. Feeling much better now.

Unfortunately I lost a lot of my muscle mass and gained +25kg of body fat. It has been 10 days since I started cardio + weight lifting, high protein/low carb diet.

I currently weigh 111KG. My height is 187cm. Got some gyno which was pretty much invisible when I was lean.

Starting GW501516(20mg/day) + Ostarine (20mg/day) for 50 days.

I will try to increase my cardio workouts to the max. Pictures will be uploaded tomorrow.
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good luck man! what's your workout routine? going back to muay thai?

Well, so far I had only 1 day off. I try to do intensive weight lifting (low weight, many reps) + 30 mins of jogging. Of course I don't want to overdo it, so sometimes switch to cardio only instead.

Not going back to muay thai yet, not fit enough. It will take at least 6 months to be ready for proper muay thai training.
Interested in how this goes. What diet are you following while running these?

I will start GW and Ostarine tomorrow. Diet is not very strict but really low on carbs (whey protein isolate, fish, chicken breasts, salad, etc...) Lost 3.5KG in 10 days.

I also take high doses of Omega 3 fish oil, Vitamin C(prolonged release), Multivitamin(Wellman), N-Acetyl l-carnitine + alpha lipoic acid, Magnesium/Zinc.

I will also add (in 2 weeks) 500mcg/day cyanocobalamin injections + High Dose of Micronised Resveratrol in Tween 80(to reduce carcinogenic potential of GW). I really wish to get back in shape, now I am a really fat man :D
09:45 AM here. My GW and Ostarine tablets arrived. Took 20mg of both. Muscles are too sore from the previous workouts, so I will do cardio at 6PM today.
It might be a placebo effect but it seems that my body temperature is a bit higher than usual(after taking ostarine and gw).

This is me now at 111 KG(day 1 on GW and Ostarine), after 2 years of no exercise, drinking lots of beer, eating shit and smoking. Gyno is obvious now. I will try to reverse this "mutation" in 6 months(at least partially).

I will also post updates every 10-15 days.

Any advice would be appreciated.
I look forward to follwing your progress.

If I may make a suggestion however it would be to ditch the steady state cardio (ie 30 minutes of jogging) and replace it with a more crossfit style workout. You want to alter hitting all 3 energy pathways which means some high intensity short burst sessions one day, some medium intensity, mediumm duration another day and some longer duration lighter intensity yet other days. Couple that with pure strength work, not high rep work.

The steady state cardio actually slows metabolism over time, the variation in cardio training and focusing on all 3 energy pathways prevents that. Strict muscle building work build muscle and muscle burns calories, even at rest.
You may also want to use a light a.i...ostarine has been known to aggrivate gyno, especially at your bf. Forma would suffice for this
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