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    LGD and ostarine good mix or bad mix?

    Not sure if mixing lgd and ostarine is a good idea for someone looking for lean muscle mass I’m currently 14% body fat and want to keep my body fat 15% or less I don’t have much room for error I’m 207 pounds and I’m six foot three definitely want to put on some more strength and size but it...
  2. Z

    new sarms user wants lgd and ostarine

    22 years old a hundred and forty eight pounds and five foot seven inches I have been weight training for the past eight months I’m looking to use lgd and ostarine these both sound really good from what I’ve been reading what are your opinions on using ostarine and LGD together? I was thinking of...
  3. N

    sarms for middle aged guy

    I’m looking for sarms for a middle aged guy currently 5’9’’ 170 pounds and 12% body fat I’m training five times a week in the gym for about an hour each session I’m also doing cardio once a day every morning fasted cardio looking to improve my lean muscle mass but nothing too crazy have my eye...
  4. V

    nutrobal and ostarine with what?

    I want to use nutrobal and ostarine on my next cycle what are going to be the best sarms to stack with it? Want to use GW and SR and get the best recomping effects I’m 16 percent body fat and I would like to drop down to maybe 12 or 13 percent also would like to get a little stronger and build...
  5. D

    finding the right sarms cycle

    I’m 38 years old and I’m 5 foot 9 in I’ve used testosterone cyp before then 500 mg for 12 weeks and I had pretty good results with the side effects for crazy would like to try sarms and get really good results but avoid the side effects I’m looking hard at 3 sarms: LGD RAD ostarine these 3 seem...
  6. D

    cutting down again

    33, 25% body fat, 25Barnes no it’s not what yeah3lbs so I cut down on my last cycle of sarms then gained it all back and more when I came off trying to keep my diet on point but I am a sucker for junk food especially during the holiday season want to get back on the sarms train to cut down last...
  7. P

    difference between nutrobal and ostarine?

    What are the main differences between using nutrobal and ostarine? I mean aren’t they both similar since they’re both part of the MK group of sarms? If not why are they both called MK, that seems weird to me just trying to learn about both of them if you had to choose ONE only to use which would...
  8. Z

    how to use nutrobal when cutting?

    I know nutrobal boosts appetite a buddy of mine says that he ate more food and still lost body fat when using it that is pretty cool I already have a huge appetite I’m currently five foot ten and 195 pounds. I’m looking to cut down with nutrobal help you think I should use ostarine with it or...
  9. G

    first time on sarms, need advice

    I’m 2 weeks into my first sarms cycle I’m using s4/andarine 50mgs a day also stacking ostarine 15mgs a day not seeing the kinds of results I was hoping for only up 4 pounds should I add in s23 here? I’m 24 and 205 pounds and 20% body fat
  10. Z

    Ostarine and RAD stack well or something else?

    What are your thoughts on stacking ostarine and RAD together? Right now the ostarine i am on is 25mgs a day. If i were to up it to 50mgs and add in RAD140 at 20mgs a day would that be a good stack for recovery and bulking? Or should i go with stacking ostarine with GW instead? I’m 22 years old...
  11. J

    Best recomping sarms. S4 or ostarine?

    I got 20% body fat and I'm hoping to drop to about 15% on the cycle 217 lb and I am 5 ft 10 in don't have much muscle on my frame either so if I can maybe keep the muscle that I have or add more muscle while also dropping the body fat that would be most ideal for me and I am 57 years old...
  12. R

    How do i run these 4 sarms?

    So my friend hooked me up with 4 types of sarms. 2 bottles each and said i could run them as i wish I got 2 lgd 2 rad 2 gw And 2 s4 andarines Should i ask him for ostarine i heard that one was good too not sure how I should be running these I'm currently 28 years old and I am 5'7 160 lb my goal...
  13. S

    First week on sarms

    Hey guys this is the first time I have used sarms and I'm in my first week dealing with some side effects and yes I use the sponsor on here I’m on rad140 and doing 25mgs a day Ostarine mk 20mgs a day Cardarine 10mgs a day I'm not able to sleep that well at night and my appetite went down on this...
  14. R

    Simple GW and ostarine run

    Very experienced with anabolic steroids and have been training for over a decade. my favorite steroids are testosterone and deca 217 lb 5 ft 11 in and 13% body fat. I'm 44 years old I'm looking to try something new and do a cycle that is more natural that is why I'm looking at sarms for the...
  15. Y

    Sarms options for bulking and cutting post surgery

    So i had surgery to fix a couple hernias, it was not an easy experience and it was complicated. They had to separate the surgeries into 2 over the course of a month. So that meant a 2-month recovery now I would like to come back after losing about 10 pounds of good Mass and also gaining fat The...
  16. M

    combating steroid side effects

    I am a female and I am approximately 130 lb and I'm 5 ft 7 in I've been on steroids for the past 6 weeks and I'm dealing with some side effects and I'm curious what you can recommend I do I’m using a cocktail of oral primobolan, gw and ostarine. My main complaints are mental cloudiness, being...
  17. R

    What can i goal set for ostarine?

    I have pretty modest stats I'm 170 lb and 14% body looking to do a mini re-composition. hopefully get up to 175 lb and keep my body fat at the same number or lower My plan is ostarine mk2866 25mgs a day for 8 weeks,and then doing cardarine gw for pct for 4 weeks in terms of my goals should I...
  18. F

    3 sarms triple stack

    RAD140, cardarine gw, and ostarine mk2866 are the 3 i am looking at My plan is rad10mgs a day 8 weeks Ostarine 25mgs a day for 12 weeks Gw 20mgs a day for 16 weeks I'm going to do a healthy diet and also get in at least 300 g of protein a day. any advice is appreciated my main goal is to get in...
  19. K

    andarine and ostarine stack

    I really like that both of these are still in Trials so they haven't been completely abandoned when it comes to sarms use. Atleast that is what i was told What do you think about stacking both for 12 weeks or so? Debating my dosages. Would 50mgs of each per day be too much or is that the sweet...
  20. W

    Cutting ostarine dosage down?

    I’m doing ostarine mk2866 currently and using it to cut down Would it be necessary to increase the dosage if i were to use it solo? Right now I am doing 20mgs a day but want to increase it to 30mgs a day perhaps If i do keep 20mgs would it be okay to stack rad140 with it along with gw501516 to...
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