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    Finishing up 8 weeks of LGD

    So I'm about to finish my lgd 4033 cycle I was on 25 mg a day and I did it for about 8 weeks. I'm right at the 8-week Mark right now and I'm thinking about either stopping it and switching to something else or adding in ostarine mk2866 the reason for this is my elbow has been bothering me and...
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    Andarine/s4 and ostarine/mk2866

    I'm around 200 lb and 6 ft tall my body fat is probably around 18% which I'm cool with. when I'm not cool with though is I don't feel like I have enough muscle on my frame I’m looking at using both s4 and mk2866 together My dosages i’m thinking of doing are 50mgs of the S4 and around 25mgs of...
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    Using ostarine with nutrobal

    I'm looking to do a recovery and repair stack. heard some good things about stacking both ostarine mk2866 and nutrobal mk677 25mgs a day ostarine and nutrobal 50mgs a day for 12 weeks 33 years old and 5'6 185 lb I started to get joint problems over the past couple years ever since I started to...
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    4 weeks on and 4 weeks off sarms

    Was reading some old blog posts on sarms and looking at doing them 4 weeks on and 4 weeks off My 4 week on idea was doing 25mgs a day of ostarine mk2866 Then maybe switching over to lgd4033 for 4 weeks but with a 4 week break in between I'm 22 years old, 170 lb and 6 ft 1 in my goals are to bulk...
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    Best running stack

    I want to become a runner after doing my first 5K last weekend I’ve started to train for it but have a hard time keeping up with other people i run with Need some help I’m 5’9’’ 188 pounds and 27 years old My sarms stack i want to try Cardarine 501516gw 25mgs a day Mk2866 ostarine 50mgs a day 12...
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    s4/andarine with ostarine mk2866

    I want to stack in s4 and ostarine 50mgs a day each I want to do it for 8-12 weeks Which length of time would be best or can I actually go to 16 weeks or is that too long? I’m currently 27 years old Just finished a year long steroid cycle and want to use this cycle to bridge before my next one I...
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    Sarms for the athlete

    I’m looking to try sarms The 2 sarms i am looking at are ostarine mk2866 and sr9009 I like both of their profiles and what they do well My next question is which one would you recommend if you were to stack them both together for 8 weeks. Would i need 2 bottles each or can i get away stretching...
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    Andarine and ostarine stack

    everyone always talks about different sarms but never heard anyone mention this stack I want to experiment with it and log it I'm 38 years old and my priorities have changed a lot. I'm only working out two or three times a week in the gym and I spent a lot more time doing things like bicycling...
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    Sarms cycle and planning

    I’m planning my next sarms cycle and need some constructive advice from you all My cycle will be 12 weeks I’m 28 years old 5’10’’ 213 pounds And a bit chubby with the love handles I need to trim up but i also want to get more harder too I think i want to use cardarine and ostarine for sure But...
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    Healing sarms stack with peptides?

    I was wondering if it would be a good idea to use Ipamorelin with my sarms stack of ostarine mk and nutrobal mk for healing? I’m an athlete and have Had issues with a lot of inflammation and injuries over the past year I’m currently 6’ tall and around 180. And i have 12% body fat
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    Sarms bodybuilder stack

    What do you think about the following sarms bodybuilder stack? I ran online this stack was best: rad 140 lgd 4033 mk-677 Ostarine mk-2866 How would you dose each one of these and would 6 weeks be good enough? I’m currently 22 years old 58 kg and 6 ft tall
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    Cardarine and ostarine or?

    Which stack would work best for me and why? Cardarine gw and ostarine mk OR Sr9009 and s4/andarine Goals: lean muscle mass, recomp, body fat loss, endurance boost 5’9’’ 234 pounds and 22% body fat. 22 years old
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    Sarms and low body fat

    Would it be okay to use sarms if i have super low body fat already? I’m 6% body fat measured at the Y by a trainer 5’7’’ 136 pounds 27 years old I want to cut more but also add muscle Thinking of doing gw + ostarine mk2866 Good stack or something else?
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    Understanding sarms ratios

    Had a question about how to run sarms correctly I’m 50 years old 6’1’’ 210 pounds Would like to use a combo of ostarine mk2866 with either lgd4033 or maybe rad150 How would i do this ? i want to start with 10mgs of each
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    Ostarine sarms stack

    I’m looking to use something that is sarms but mild I think ostarine mk2866 might be the best one for me What is the difference between it and lgd4033? My plan was 25mgs for 12 weeks for general lean muscle mass I’m 28 and 199 pounds with 11% body fat
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    Sarms stack questions

    45 years old 6’1’’ 184 pounds 14% body fat I’ve got 3 sarms i want to try Cardarine gw Ostarine mk Nutrobal mk I want to run the max doses for 12 weeks. Would this stack work for someone trying to bulk and cut at the same time?
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    gw + ostarine stacking female

    hearing a lot of good things about stacking gw cardarine and ostarine mk2866 for females what are the benefits I can expect if I decide to try that stack? What are the side effects to watch out for? 5’5’’ 140 pounds 44 years old
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    Can i get away with this sarms stack?

    34 years old 6 ft 1 in 210 lb 20% body fat I got out of shape for a little while and I'm trying to get back into shape now already down about 8 lb in the past month Would this sarms stack help me push further? Sr9009 25mgs a day andarine/s4 50mgs Mk ostarine 25mgs a day
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    Sarms triple stack options

    50 years old 210 lb and 6ft 2in looking to run the original triple stack Cardarine gw 20mgs s4/andarine 50mgs Ostarine mk 25mgs my question is how long should I run this. Would I be able to get good results off of 8 weeks or is that a waste of time and I should push for 12 or 16 weeks
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    best sarm stack for me

    I’m 31 years old 6’7’’ 234 pounds and 22% fat I want to bulk cut down to a healthy weight what do you think about: gw cardarine 20mgs 8 weeks sr9009 next 4 weeks then doing 12 weeks of ostarine mk and yk11?