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From weights to crossfit and back

My plan For the next year is to take a few months away from weight training. My gym allows you to put the membership on hold
And then i will pay a couple months in advance for crossfit. Then go back to weight training
has anyone tried this before and also how many times a week should I be training for crossfit vs. weight training
any information is appreciated here. my goals are simply to improve my overall health and endurance

One fella - Adam was his name
All I can say is be very careful. Crossfit isn't the best for teaching technique early on as the progression of the average newbie is slow and they generally start with lighter weights. Unfortunately when a body builder or power lifter moves to Crossfit they generally don't start with those lighter weights. They start with more weight and intro and early classes don't spend the time to teach proper technique as the idea early on is to get people to feel results and feel stronger to get them hooked. If your like me during my intro class they had me doing power cleans with 155 lbs while everyone else was just using the bar and then when it came to pull ups everyone else needed assistance bands while I was whipping out strict sets of 30, so again they tried moving me right into kip up pull ups. All this beat the hell out of my joints and gave me my first shoulder tear. When I woke up the next morning and couldn't lift my arm with nothing in it I knew I screwed something up. Luckily it was a small muscular tear at that time and a shot of cortisone got me back up and running, I still think it is what really started all my shoulder issues.
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