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First Timer: HGH or Oxandrolone for fat loss + gain strenght?

Thank you all for your replies :) I wanted to give a little update in case it can be of help with anyone and also would like to get your thoughts and opinion on my current situation:

After doing some bloodwork and discuss it with colleagues and friends with a much better knowledge and experience on this than myself, I decided to go for HGH 2UI per day (doing it in the mornings) for 4 months + oxandrolone for 6 weeks:

1st week : 2,5mg/day
(I wanted to start on a low dose and test tolerance)
2nd week : 5mg/day
3rd to 5th week: 10mg/day
6th week : 5mg/day

I am starting week 3, and so far I can already feel my skin plumped and my sleep has improved (it might be just in my head because I want it to work haha) but the water retention is really an issue...I have increased my vitamin C intake and drinking as much water as I can but still feeling very bloated. I've gone up 2,5kg in just one week and my diet hasn't changed :confused:

For the oxandrolone.... I'm not feeling any noticeable changes on strength/fat loss/muscles gains or hardness, so either I should give it more time, the dose is too low, or my oxa is watered down.

Before starting, I tested it with Roidtest (I want to avoid stanozolol or a low dosed Dbol to minimize chances of masculinization, something I am very afraid of, specially the voice change) and results were as expected for oxandrolone...although one of the solutions didn't change colors immediately. I am going to post this on a separate thread in case someone had similar results with this test and can give me some clarity on this!

Thank you all for reading :) If you have any comments or suggestions on how to do better please do let me know!
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