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    Testosterone 1000mgs a week ++

    I’ve done two cycles with testosterone 500mg a week. And I did the last one when I tried 750 milligrams a week with 3CC’s of sustanon this time want to push to 1000mgs a week testosterone what do I need to stack with it? Goals are bulking and strength I’ve got plenty of letro and aromasin on...
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    domestic Supply cycle results and review

    I have been on 500 mg of testosterone and 800 mg of equipoise for the past 12 weeks. I’m using domestic Supply and this is my third cycle I’ve ever done I have been gaining a steady one pound per week and my total weight gain is now up to 11 pounds I’m also on aromasin and I also am taking some...
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    Boost of cardio and recomp

    45 years old and looking to do a recomp My diet is very strict, no junk food at all I’m also doing daily cardio every morning 210 pounds and 15% body fat and tall Not interested in doing tren again. Too nasty Want to run something safer Was thinking of test and primo Maybe 250mgs of test and...
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    Domestic supply fast shipping and effectiveness

    My overall experience with domestic supply has been great shipping was super fast and their products have been amazing. I ordered their cialis, aromasin, and their testosterone E The three vials of testosterone that I am using are extremely potent. and I could feel them kick in right away. also...
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    Best ways to run deca ?

    What is going to be the best way to run deca duarbolin without having deca dick and problems in pct? I was recommended on another Forum to do 500 mg of testosterone and then get the decade dose around 250 to 300 mg. They also said i needed aromasin and caber with it do you think this is the best...
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    Best cycle below

    Body fat is 10% or so 5’11’’ 205 pounds Gonna run my biggest cycle yet. Before i did a pretty good size cycle and had good results now i want to do this 👍 Dbol 30mgs 6 weeks Test cyp 300mgs 12 weeks Deca 10 weeks 300 Eq 600 12 weeks Aromasin Caber Diet has been clean and cardio and training have...
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    Puritysourcelabs PSL closed?

    Hey is puritysourcelabs closed down? I went to their website and it won’t pull up and then when i play around with it then it says nothing is in stack Now i am worried cause i placed an order a week ago and i also need to place a 2nd one asap cause i forgot to order clomid and aromasin. What do...
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    How to run a first test cycle

    30 years old 5’11’’ 177 pounds 17% body fat Looking to recomp. Want to gain strength and muscle, and also drop body fat First cycle ever and need some advice on what to use So far: Testosterone cypionate 250mgs 3x per week. Should i pin mon, wed, fri? Or does not matter? As far as an AI, do i...
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    2 questions on my cycle

    My stats first off: 35 185 14% bf Bloodwork pre cycle normal, but my DHEA is a bit low I’m currently cruising on 180mgs a week tesoterone with some adex Looking to stack in test Cyp around 450mgs a week with double the adex I also might add in anavar and winstrol but not sure on that. Should i...
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    How to navigate HRT this way

    I have been working with an anti-aging clinic and they have me taking a lot of stuff first off I am 44 years old and I've spent the past 5 years really in bad shape trying to get myself back. the anti-aging Clinic put me on a cocktail of stuff: Hgh 3iu’s per day Testosterone cypionate 250mgs a...
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    Napsgear Napsgear tren and test cycle

    I am going to be using napsgear for my next trenbolone + testosterone cycle. Gonna shoot for 250mgs of each give or take a little and my cycle length is going to be around 10-12 weeks in total. Very simple goals to build mass and feel like an alpha Currently 185 pounds, 6’ tall and 11% body fat...
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    Using steroids and pct setup

    Here is my cycle setup, let me know what you think please I’m 6’ tall and 194 pounds. Goal is to get to 210 area. I’m 26 My cycle will be: Testosterone cypionate 200-500mgs per week, start low and raise it Equipoise 300mgs per week Dbol 20mgs a day Pct: Nolvadex Hcg aromasin
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    geneza brand is tops

    one of the best brands out there. The only injectables that i am not allergic to. They use quality oils in their stuff. has helped me get big. communication is fast they are great if you have a question. I received my pack in 10 days. ordered aromasin, letro, test, eq, primo. product quality is...
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    domestic supply review A+

    ordered my products and they delivered it in about 9 days. Had to check in to see what my tracking # is. Otherwise went smooth. loving the products so far. packaging was amazing well packaged in priority box. ordered tren, test Cyp, aromasin, letro and i am halfway through cycle and changes...
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    PSL is top quality

    Everything has gone great. I lost a ton of body fat and I also gained a lot of strength. It's been a huge boost to my conference. this is well dosed product. communication and ordering is excellent true to their word. delivery was good split my order and got it to me safe. i ordered...
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    Geneza heard good things

    hearing a lot of good things on the Forum about this company I decided to place an order I ordered a bunch of their testosterone, anavar, and also some of their aromasin these three together have been fantastic and I'm looking tight and ripped I lost about 6 lb and 2% body fat so far
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    How to dose test with other things

    okay so let's say you were going to run 500 mg a week of straight testosterone single ester how should you stack in other things like say aromasin, hcg, HGH or an oral steroid? is there a formula that you're supposed to use or some sort of graph that i can follow I’m 28 years old and 210 pounds
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    Nice results on domestic supply

    DS domestic supply is top notch I'm doing their testosterone cypionate, their decanate, and their aromasin I'm using a 27 gauge needle and the oil is so smooth that goes through that tiny or needle no problem. I noticed when I work out increase recovery and more power in the gym. This is the...
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    Do you think this cycle is good?

    This is my first time using steroids and I hope I am ready for it. I’m 26 years old and 5’10’’ 192 pounds I'm going to be doing testosterone 500 mg a week and using a light amount of aromasin with it. this is what was recommended to me by everyone i talk to my question is do you...
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    Blood pressure too high on cycle

    I have felt great on my current cycle doing testosterone enanthate and masteron so I was shocked when I got my blood pressure taken at the drugstore and I was 180/120. I'm starting to get worried especially with all the bodybuilders who have been dropping dead what am I supposed to do on...
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