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Finally figuring out my body

I’m a female and finally starting to see progress when i train
My goal was getting stronger and leaner. I started out benching just the bar and now i am doing the bar + 25 pounds on each side
I would like to get even stronger. I am 155 pounds and 5’8’’ and 30 years old
Which steroids or sarms would work good for more strength without turning me into a man?
No drug will turn you into a man
10 mg of Anavar take in a spit dose of 5 mg every 12 hours is all you need right now. Now if you had low libido or a sensitive stomach I would go with primo as it is injected, but dose that at 25 mg twice a week.
Go with a sarms stack from umbrella so you don’t have to go through the sides of steroids.
I would look at something like 12.5mg S4 with 20mg Cardarine. Check out and Umbrella Labs. S4 is amazing for strength and Cardarine will give you that extra endurance.
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