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EX pro athlete needs PCT help


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What's up fellas? Thanks for reading. First time poster, long time reader. A quick bio and background... 25 years old, 5'11, 165 lb. 13-15% BF average. Been training for over 10 years now. I was a star hockey player in high school and college and did not go pro due to a severe lower leg compound break which almost ended my life (van runs stop sign and I went head first into it on my street bike going 55). On a positive note, I fully recovered! My hockey career did not. However, if you watch motocross or supercross, you may have seen me on TV (privateer team rider) between 09-13. I will even be at Phoenix this weekend hangin' out!

What brings me here? Well, I have been completely supplement free my entire life minus the basics (Omega 3s, protein). I have also had access to professional coaching for strength, endurance and conditioning, as well as a dietitian since I was 15.

While the majority of supplements were illegal under WADA for me, that doesn't mean I was not interested. Always training for strength and conditioning was fun and all, but really... I would like size now.

I have read SOOO much material on the web as well as herd different things from friends. I would really like to try a PH and a test but be completely safe. A buddy of mine took Haloplex Extreme for 8 weeks, taking 4 pills a day (recommendation was 2 per day for 4 weeks). He basically grew bitch tits while running no cycle assist or pct. I myself have read a lot about PHs and know the differences between 1, 2, and 3 compound PHs. Believe me when I say I have read and read for years mainly because I am fascinated with what I could not touch, know what I mean?

This is worth noting. My body is naturally 10 x more resistant to foreign substances than other people. Examples: 30mg or percs will not get me loopy while many people take 5mp and are goners. Pre-workouts do nothing. Caffeine does nothing. Ambient for sleep = nata! I have had doctors tell me they had given me the most Novocaine they had ever giver a person and still feel extreme pain. These are just a few examples. This does not mean I will be stupid and double up on stuff. I am really just saying I know that everything affects people differently, so I am not looking for your positive or negative experience. I am looking for scientific suggestions and guidance!

Here is my thoughts:

DMZ 3.0 - 4wks
Blockade cycle assist - wks 1-8
AI Sports PCT - wks 9-16
garlic extract
milk thistle
Based on reading all around the web and even a bunch of posts on here, this was my conclusion. I even wrote down on paper and tally'd up what people said for what substance and for how long. Then researched the individual products.

This was part of the BEST PCT sticky for 2014 by a prestige member but addressed more for roids.

Clomid - 50/50/25/25
Aromasin - 12.5mg EOD (what is EOD? time length?)
Test Stack No. 17 - dose/time length not specified
Ostarine - 25mg/day (time length?)

There was just some info missing. To be honest, I am super intrigued about this TS#17. The only thing that annoys me is how freakin pushy Spellwin is! Have you ever seen or heard of the "Girlfriend Activation System"? If you have and have seen the videos, it is the EXACT same kind of method he uses to push this stuff. As we all know, all people have different reactions to substances. I can find 100 good 100 bad and 100 ehh reviews for this. I snagged 2 bottles during the coupon sale so I only spend about $100. Worst case it sucks, eBay it goes.

Gents, if you read this whole thing AND give me some words, it will make me feel confident with what to do here. I am in no hurry. I don't have anything but a bulk supply of Isopure protein and Whey concentrate. The isopure because it is so organic and so thin I can drink it with water mixed 50-50 with flavorless Whey concentrate and it still tastes amazing. The only protein that won't give me the runs for 2 weeks after 1 shake. Anyways, I am out. About to watch American Sniper.


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