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Approved Log enemallithorre Cardarine Log

My current weightlifting plan is simple. Weeks 1 to 4 are on the left, and weeks 5 to 8 are on the right. A typical week looks like this:

Day 1: Full Body
Day 2: 40 Minutes of Cardio (Treadmill, Indoor Bike, or Step Master with a BPM of 130-140) followed by Stretching (I need to loosen up, I am stiff as cement).
Day 3: Full Body
Day 4: 20 Minutes of Boxing (2 Minutes of Heavy Bag Destruction and 30 Seconds to 1 Minute of Rest) followed by stretching.
Day 5: Full Body
Day 6: Rest and Recharge
Day 7: Rest and Recharge

Note: There was once a rest day between Day 3 and Day 4 and no rest on Day 6.

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learn about fasting. its natural and it works short and long term

caloric deficit diets are neither natural nor do they work aside from initially.

this would explain why your weight loss has stalled

Yeah, that's a solid idea. Especially when combining Yohimbine with a fasting state can have synergistic effects. I used to stick to it and still do from time to time.

Also, a high-protein diet is key for me. I'll share some examples of my macronutrients and meal prep examples later on.
Looking forward to seeing what the meal prep looks like. Sounds like you might just need a few minor tweaks to get things rolling.
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