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Elcsum's 6-month Peptide/SARM Log


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Hey Guys... I've been back into bodybuilding over the last 6 months. I was previously a cometetive BB'r and won a number of state titles. However, keep in mind, this was 15 years ago and I'm now in my 40s.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you all my experience.

Initial stats....


Weight: 89 kg / 194 pounds
Waist: 40"
Arms: 14.5"
Calves: 14"
Chest: 41"
BF: 24%

There's too much info to share, so I'll stick to the basics.
Bench: 70 kg x 10
Military Press 50 kg x 8

What I've been 'researching' for the past 6 months...

Ipam 150mcg 2x daily (morning and before bed)
Mod-GRF 150mcg 2 x daily (morning and before bed)
IGF1-LR3 (bi-laterally on chest, arms and shoulder days... 3x a week)
TB-500 2500mcg every 3rd day
Ligandrol 20mg daily

Weight: 87 kg / 191 pounds
Waist: 34"
Arms: 16.25"
Calves: 15.75"
Chest: 46"
BF: 13.2%

Bench: 110 kg x 12 (140kg x 2 max)
Military Press 90 kg x 10

I was using TB-500 for about 4 months due to terrible elbow tendinitis, but tbh it didn't do anything and was very expensive. I found MSM with Ginger and fish oil has produced better pain relief.

As you can see for the stats above, I've actually lost a couple of kilos (full recomp), but also lost 10% BF. I did no cardio, but ate really well. I ws on a caloric deficit of around 400 kcals per day (about 1800 kcals all up per day). My macros were 40% protein, 4%5 carbs, 15% fat. I only did really intense weight training with max reps around 8-10. I did the math the other day and figured out that I've gained about 7kgs in lean muscle, and have lost about 8-9 kgs in fat.

I just started PCT and I'm researching:

20mg of Tamoxifin
20mg of cardarine

I'm continuing to take Ipam and Mod-GRF. When that's finished (in about 4 weeks) I'll be switiching to GHRP-2 and Mod-GRF in addition to the above PCT an Cardarine.

I'm hoping to burn off those last couple of stubborn kgs of fat around my stomach.

I should add that I train 5 days a week and my workout is one body part per day. I.e. Arms, Legs, Chest, Shoulders, Back. I add abs every second day and calves twice a week. With calves I do reps of 20 until it burns real bad :) hahaha. A typical work out lasts an hour (no more) and consists of 4 exercises of 4 sets and 8-10 reps.

I'm pretty happy with the results, but keep in mind that there's probably muscle memory and I knew exactly what to do in the gym from day one... I've done it before so there was no figuring out what or how to do exercises.

If anyone's interested in what I've written above, I'm happy to respond to PMs.

Peace yo

EDIT: In summary, what I've found is that peps are NOT a quick solution by any means. However, combined with a good diet and solid training schedule they produce awesome results over the longer term. Everything I've gained in the past 6 months has been pure, lean body mass... no water!! So, if you're looking for a quick and temorary fix then juice up, but be prepared to lose most of your gains, put on heaps of water and look like a bloated corpse... otherwise, be patient and use peptides with SARMS and a good diet and you'll get results in the longer term. Plus you'll sleep like a baby, your cholesterol and BP will drop and you'll feel 10 years younger. I'm giving a thumbs up to peps!!
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