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    GHRP-2 300mcg per injection too much?

    Looking to be aggressive using ghrp-2 as I’ve heard good things about it when it comes to boosting growth hormone in the body looking for the appetite increases and also anti-aging properties I’m 28 years old and I struggle with appetite. Do you think an injection of 300 micrograms is going to...
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    GHRP-2 first time, dosing it for less appetite

    so I already tried GHRP-6, got good gains but didn’t like the appetite issues. This time want to use GHRP-2. I’m assuming it carries less hunger side effects or am I wrong? I’m hoping I can get good results dosing it twice a day at 200mcg each. Would I need to take it before my meals or just...
  3. JimAbs43 508 - Peptides - GHRP-2 Doses,Cycles,Benefits,Side Effects 508 - Peptides - GHRP-2 Doses,Cycles,Benefits,Side Effects
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    Role of GHRP-6 (Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide-6)

    GHRP-6 (Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide-6 made of six amino acids, is a peptide that stimulates the secretion of endogenously formed GH(Growth Hormone). This stimulates the ghrelin receptors and promotes good appetite. USPeptides offer the highest grade and purity GHRP 6 at the lowest price in...
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    Fat loss, Mod GRF 1-29 + Ipamorelin + T3?

    I have been lifiting for around 7 years now. I am nothing impressive really, 5'10'', 80kg (175lbs) and around 7-8% fat (skin fold calipers). My goal is to loose more fat. Lean body mass gain would be welcome, but it's secondary. I have my hands on a bottle of T3 (that I may try to use without...
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    Elcsum's 6-month Peptide/SARM Log

    Hey Guys... I've been back into bodybuilding over the last 6 months. I was previously a cometetive BB'r and won a number of state titles. However, keep in mind, this was 15 years ago and I'm now in my 40s. Anyway, I wanted to share with you all my experience. Initial stats.... BEFORE...
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